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April 30, 2003

A day of grading.

A day of grading.

I need to get better at sustained work, even grinding work like grading. I just have trouble concentrating after doing 5 to 10 papers and then I have trouble getting back to it.

Graded in the morning, got a lot done until about 11:30. Then skidded out, hungry. Ran the short 6, out, circle, back, with the hound. Mostly forefoot stride, some midfoot, with braces, with dog. Left ankle a little sore. I am very much still running in the painful distance. I will be very happy once I get my running fitness up to the point where I can do "weightless" running - just floating along, moving easily, enjoying the day. That, and intervals on the track, is my favorite part about running. Well, races are also fun, but it will be a long time before I am running 5Ks, much less 10 milers.

Showered, ate a 2-egg omelette with toast (fake cheese, a little sour cream). The omelette was very much to my taste. YUM.

Back to grading by 1:00, break to fax our power of attorney to the realtor, break to talk to J about her discussions with our attorney, break sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 to walk the hound, make bread, and cook dinner.

Dinner was bean burrittos. 1 vidalia onion, 1 1/2 bell peppers, 2 cans beans, 1 hot pepper, cumin, oregeno. Served on toasted burrittos with a little sour cream and some salsa and hot sauce and raw onion. Was tasty. Ate two, had a lot of filling left over. Back to work by 6:00

Finished grading around 8:30. Had another snack because even after taking the time to sort into piles by preliminary grade I just was NOT ready to read them again. Snack, bowl of yoghurt with raisins, cruncy cereal, and a little honey. Still hungry so had a bowl of cheerios. Read Dick Francis while eating, read another 15 minutes then J came home. Ran 3 loads of laundry and made a loaf of bread between 4:00 and bedtime. None of the laundry gets folded tonight.

Remembered that I have to have a study sheet for tomorrow. Talked to J about the attorney letter then worked on study sheet. One good new question, should Andrew Jackson be on the US currency? why yes? why no? what would you decide?

Need to proof the study sheet tomorrow. I think I won't be able to write extensive comments on the papers by noon. Sleep on what to do.

Finished that, checked mail, and then to bed.

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Slept 11 to 6:15,

Slept 11 to 6:15, about 7 hours. Could have slept in for hours and hours and hours. Breakfast - bowl of generic chex, 2 slices of toast with lots of marmalade, 20 oz pot of coffee.

Went to sleep rather than updating this last night, so here is Tuesday.

Yesterday was not a great day. Spent the morning trying to work, finally took a nap just so I could make it through the day. Did a little grading, then got ready to run errands. J called as I was heading out - we had had a communication problem with the realtor and the contract was ready to sign. J went to sign for both of us, I ran errands and headed to teach. I did not quite have enough time to both sign and get to school.

It was the second to last day of classes, and it was spring fling. We had amplified bass beats shattering the classroom regularly while I tried to talk about Reconstruction. I spent the last 20 minutes doing evaluations, the first 15 minutes quizzing the kids on what worked and what did not work. Highlights: They like the weekly homework, the like a reader with lots of short items. By the time they made it through the text, the reader, and started thinking about writing their homework they had no intention of reading the essays in the reader. This tells me that these essays, the reason why I picked that reader, are not useful. I am not great at setting up problems for small group activities, I need to get better at that, find some new techniques. Right now I am a pretty good lecturer, only so so at interactive classrooms.

I also got the evaluations from last semester back. The results were solid, but low for the department. Again, I need to improve. I really want to see how the monday night class will rate things. I feel much more comfortable there than I did the first time I taught that material.

Covered reconstruction, or started it. Made it through presidential recon, will cover congressional and redemption tomorrow.

To the gym, lifted chest/arms/abs. Why is this my least liked workout? Gym weight 178.6, naked weight after shower 175 even. Edit the details in later.

Home, J made an albuquerqeu chicken salad for dinner, was yummy. Babysat while J worked, till he went to bed, then I graded a couple while J worked, then both to bed.

Around dinnertime we got a call, the sellers signed the contract. We now have a house under contract. Why am I less excited than I was by the prospect of the first house?

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April 29, 2003

Apple cider late at

Apple cider late at night was a bad idea. So was going to read "just for a few minutes." Was tired but not sleepy, read until 3:00, then to bed, lay there for a while and think I fell asleep around 3:30. Woke around 7:00, after being woken by J getting up and then baby getting up at 5:45 and 6:15.

Breakfast, bowl of cereal (wheaties, oat&barley, cheerios), 2 slices bread, one with honey the other with marmalade, the usual 20 oz of half-caff. I need to do a lot of grading today, and run errands, and we are due to sign the house contract. Oh, and I need more niacin and the cat is low on her stool softener. Errands galore, and I am tired.

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April 28, 2003

An ok morning, not

An ok morning, not a great morning. To bed late, spent some time looking at Home Depot, spent some time surfing a game sight, but mostly just was being a lump and not going to bed. Chased myself to bed around 12:45. J's alarm went off at 6:45, and I got up to wake her. 6 hours of sleep, and because I was rattling last night I get NO nap and controlled quantities of caffeine.

Breakfast, a cup of coffee, then walk the dog. Then went to read email and started grading, forgot to eat breakfast or to feed the hound. Spent some of that time looking up information on the lake in the back yard of the new house. Graded another 40 homeworks or so. I NEED to stay up on homework assignments. It is bad for me to let them stack up, and unfair to the kids not to return them promptly. Had a bowl of cheerios mid morning, then back to work. Stopped at lunchtime and decided to write this before feeding hound, eating lunch, showering, and finishing prep for class. Remember to bring library book in with me, mail back from post office under city hall.

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Hound did not want

Hound did not want her lunch, I got off her schedule. No wonder we have a skinny dog. Lunch was toodle - one box kraft mac n cheese, some leftover cooked linquine, some orange cheese powder from king arthur flour, 2 cans tuna, milk, olive oil. It was salty and nasty and disgusting. I ate it with ketchup. I left about a quarter of it for another meal. Opened a new gallon of milk today.

Finished prepping for class, wrote the third section exam, recorded grades, talked briefly to the lawyer, and headed to class. Class went OK - Richard Nixon, Watergate, Vietnam, and then after the break NOW and the ERA. I ran out of time to do evaluations - will do them a week late.

The ride home was slow - the train stopped for a few minutes. Home around 9:00, dinner around 9:30 - finished the linguine with the rest of the chicken and mushrooms, a barbecued breast from Sunday, some mayo and some olive oil. I am short on vegetables for today, even after drinking a glass of apple cider.

I forgot to order more niacin, and the pharmacy is not answering their phone. I need to stop by tomorrow morning, pick up drugs after teaching on my way home from the gym.

Started grading the civil war papers. The first one was good, the second one was word salad. I am too tired to read word salad.

Will read a little fiction and then to bed.

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April 27, 2003

A day of much

A day of much exercise and much grading.

Graded in the morning while baby napped. Around noon I had a cookie and some milk and then headed to the storage area to put the Passover boxes away, from there to the gym for legs day. Gym weight 178.6

  • warmup: moved boxes, 4:00 cycle, stretch, oh squat bar *10, fr squats bar*5
  • power squat, bar*10, 135*3, 185*2, 225, 255*5,4. Second set felt stronger but ran out of gas and decided not to push. Next week is triples !
  • Deadlift. Overdid it last time so went easy today. 225, 275. changed to sumo deadlift, 225*6, 275*3, did another standard dl at 275. Standard feels stronger, but Sumo might be better off the floor if I trained it as I have been training standard. Sumo was easier on my back, used more legs. I can hold the inside of the rough and go sumo, it might be worth trying.
  • Front squats, 135 (from the pins), 135*3 (standard), 185, 195 *2. did not push. when I set it up I did not strip the bar entirely in order to move the brackets, instead I put 135 on the pins (just above knee height) then did a rack squat from absolute rock bottom to pick up the bar again. Was dizzyingly difficult. Between the first exercises and that setup I had no strength for work sets.

  • Good mornings, 135*8,8. Form limited - watch concentration
  • standing calf 180*10, 230*8,6
  • pull throughs, wide stance, 130*10

Was enough, called it there.

Cardio: recline cycle, 20 minutes, 20 resist, 51 rpm, about 400 "calories" - forget if was 388 or 405.

Home and had a hungry baby before I could have my lunch. The little fellow had a hollow leg today - he ate his cereal and chicken and carrot, and wanted more. So he got some formule - nope, want more FOOD. So he got more carrots. Still hungry. The rest of the jar. Still hungry. some apple sauce. Still hungry. The rest of the apple sauce and another small bowl of cereal. Enough food, finally. He then napped for two hours and woke up bigger. I think he just had a growth moment.

Lunch was grilled cheese with tuna, 2 sammiches, 1 can tuna, 6 slices not-cheese, some margarine for the cooking, mayo and mustard. J ate a third of one sammich. Late lunch, about 3:00, still less than an hour after left the gym.

Graded in the afternoon. Went for a run before dinner.

It was a long slow run - a little over a mile I think. Ran the "6" loop as an out-and-back, added a loop around the first block in the next complex. With dog, very slow. At one point I looked down and the dog was walking, not even trotting. Mixture of forefoot outer, midfoot-ball, midfoot-heel footstrikes. Legs were dead after lifting. NOTE - don't do a long run 3 hours after a heavy legs day.

We fired up the grill and cooked for the next couple of days - J made a vinagrette and I used it to cook a large pack of boneless breasts. Then I grilled an eggplant, in slices, then I grilled 5 turkey burgers. Dinner was 2 turkey burgers on buns, 2 slices of eggplant, condiments, and onions. Was good, but I got hungry again around 10:00. Had a glass of milk.

I dug out the George R.R. Martin that I had put down earlier. I did not like the gloom, the way that everything was going to pot and terrible things were about to happen to our heros and heroines. So, I peeked ahead, saw what terrible things actually were going to happen, and then settled down to see more. I am still torn, I don't like the way he works his plot - I feel manipulated. It is a bloody mess, with characters dying all over the place - everyone gets one mistake but not two and sometimes not even one. And yet, it is still compelling. Read a few pages on the can, and a few more while grilling. Gym reading is some light history.

So, what have I done today? Finished grading the section exams. They are not all commented, but they all have a letter on them. Graded all the back homework from C067, about 80 items. Started writing the third section exam for C068. Looked at the syllabus for US 101 over the summer. Cooked, exercised, talked to J, played with the baby.

We are still fashing ourselves over the house we are buying. It has a wet basement, at least after heavy rain. We have STUFF to store. These are not compatible. The living space is good, we like that, but we have stuff and stuff and more stuff and where will it all go? American houses are just not built for people who have a lot of books. And, to make it worse, we also have a lot of china, and a lot of clothing, and J's old fabric projects. J decided to trim down her fabric collection, which will help. I need to think about trimming games again, they do no good to anyone locked up in boxes.

I hope that we will be able to install a pull-down stairs in the new house, that the attic is tall enough to be worth boarding over and using for hot storage of boxes. If not we are looking at buying a house and STILL having a storage unit full of stuff - just a smaller cheaper unit.

Enough of this, am tired and need to start to bed.

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Slept oddly. Went to

Slept oddly. Went to bed around 11:00, was dressed too warmly and had trouble sleeping. around midnight there was a car fire in the complex. J was awake and rattling and woke me. We both went out, one at a time, to see what was going on. Then it took a while to get tired and sleepy again. Slept fitfully 11:00 to midnight, slept ok from about 1:30 to 7:00, all together call it 6 hours of broken sleep.

Breakfast was toast and cereal, big pot of half-caff coffee for the two of us to split. J is taking the baby to the office to do some copying this morning while I work, I lift mid-day then I will have the baby for the afternoon. I want to write, but I am going to grade.

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April 26, 2003

What a day! We

What a day!

We bid 135 for Ormond Ave, and then started getting depressed talking about the options available for us and the trouble we have been having finding something. Then, about an hour later, the realtor calls and the sellers accepted our bid! They were there when we looked at it and I guess that Sam was a hit, also we said nice things about what they had done with the house while asking about water in the basement, settling, etc. Our agent also pushed them on the age of the kitchen, lack of central air, etc. I suspect that they made a nice profit from fixing up the house, but if we buy at 135 we should do ok from owning it.

We sign on monday or tuesday, then start bringing in inspectors. Murphy sez that about an hour after we sign on this one we will get a call from the folks at Rose Lane wanting us to honor the contract they walked out of. But we can live with that.

Lunch was a bowl of soup at 11:45 and a big glass of khefir and a cookie around 3:00. We are almost done with that soup.

Spent much of the day grading papers. My mind goes numb from grading. It is hard to concentrate, even with a mild distraction running on the 'puter for me to look at between papers. Without it, I either need to really concentrate, like the time I graded papers on the couch at J's dad's house, or I just can't get through them. Put letters on all the exams, commented a few, graded about 20 homeworks.

J spent the day putting Passover away. After I write this I get to go move boxes full of dishes. We now have the kitchen back to normal, fast work by J. The kitchen was a mess at dinner and neither of us wanted to cook, so we celebrated the house offer by going out for Chinese to a local family restaurant. The baby was a big hit, as usual. It was good food, some clever and creative dishes, a little greasier than I like but that is Chinese food. What struck me was that the dishes were better designed than executed - the orange beef was made with slices of orange peel. The slices gave the beef a good orange flavor, especially on the front of the tongue - it was bright and colorful. But, most bites had too many bits of orange peel and the orange flavor became overpowering. They may have expected diners not to eat the strange strips in the food, but I think someone's hand slipped. SImilarly the Dan Dan noodles were different and interesting, and the flavor was overwhelmed by sesame oil. We liked it, we might be back, but I have to be picky about food.

After dinner I graded more, J folded laundry - I had run 5 loads this afternoon while she babysat and played with dishes.

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Slept a little after

Slept a little after 10:00 to a little after 7:00, about 9 hours! I could have slept even longer. Matzoh Brie for breakfast, to try to get rid of some of the old matzoh. I made coffee for two, but J sez it is too dark and bitter. I think the beans are going stale.

We figured out that the house on Ormond is not worth full asking price to us. We would have to rent extra storage, and at full price we can not afford to do that. We called the realtor's assistant and agreed that she would check with the seller's realtor to see how he came up with that price, and that the place was worth 132 to 136 to us, not the 140 that the seller wants. We will talk again later today and decide if we put in an underbid or no bid at all.

We still like the living space and we like the block, but the commute and the lack of storage is not so good. Now to work. J is home this morning putting the house together after passover, I will be distracted. NOTE - badly behind on both dissertation and grading. Do a lot of grading this weekend.

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April 25, 2003

It was a pretty

It was a pretty good day.

Spent the morning writing, pushing paragraphs around, filling them in, adding connections. I tried doing it longhand but got confused by all my arrows and pointers, so I fired up wordperfect and started to cut and paste. I had a good quote that, on the first pass, I did not like what I did with it. It is in again with a different writeup. I am being a little repetitive but I think I am getting closer to the tight argument of the precis.

The water was supposedly out today, but every time I flushed the toidy, the tank refilled. Still, I was not confident enough in the water to take a hot shower and run out the water heater.

Had a bowl of soup, then went to the gym mid day. Lifted leg partials and upper back, abs, and exercycle. Showered at the gym, home, and more soup. Gym weight 179.2

  • warmup 4:00 bike, stratch, hcp bar*10

  • lat pulldown 60*12, 100*3, 130. more warming up
  • freehand hamstring curl, cable assist, -50*5, -30
  • superset

    • pullups, wide grip. 4, 3 1/2
    • hamstring curl, cable assist, -20*5, 5. increase

  • leg extension, cybex machine, 50*5, 60, 70, 80*8,8. work sets were 1 leg, leg to leg to leg.
  • db bent row, kneeling, L 1st, 50*5, 75, 85*5,4. Repeat 85
  • standing calf, 90*12, 180*8, 230*8
  • cable biceps curl, low pulley, 25*5, 50*5, 60*5. elbows crept forward last set, do 55 next.
  • decline crunch, shallow bench, freehand*25, 40#db * 10. Short ROM on second set, weight was too heavy.
  • swiss ball crunch, blue ball, 12,12

cardio: recline cycle, 20 resist, 55 rpm, 30 minutes, 688 "calories"

Spent the late afternoon walking the hound and prepping for a house visit at 5:30. Should have been grading, but got nothing done. Did do a little more puttering on the dissertation. I am behind on grading.

Looked at the house on Ormond. It is nice living space, gorgeously presented, well landscaped, with bright open spaces. We liked the living space. There is no attic, it is a Dutch Colonial, and the basement gets damp regularly because it is next to a lake. We like being next to the lake because of the park, but it means that we should not store books or boxed fabric in that basement. We decided to sleep on it.

Went home, had a quick dinner of chicken in mushroom gravey over linguine, spent the night hashing out the house. Sam never got his bath.

To bed around 10:00, both of us very tired.

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Slept about 10:45 to

Slept about 10:45 to 6:15, call it 7 and 1/2 hours. That is a good night's sleep.

Breakfast was a bowl of wheaties with oat & barley cereal sprinkled on top, 2 slices of store-bought toast, the usual 20 oz of half-caff.

Water is going out again today, plan to work from home till midmorning, then go to the gym and lift back and leg-partials, then have my shower there.

The trainer who works with J saw me lifting last night, she may have seen the sloppy cleans and presses. She is convinced that I lift too heavy, that I am either going to "burn out" or break something and be carried out. I was pushing a little on the scp, in part because I mis-read how tired my hamstrings are. I do need to watch the extent to which I push it, but all in all I don't think I will stop doing low-rep work because a woman who prescribes 3 sets of 20 thinks that I am going too heavy. The trainer is nice, but she and I have very different training philosophies.

And now to write

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April 24, 2003

Was off my rhythm

Was off my rhythm today.

The water was off, so I went in early. I spent a few minutes playing with ties checking to see which of my current ties go with the new jacket. This month I bought new shirts, next month I get a couple of new ties to go with a grey plaid jacket.

On my way into the city I drove by the section of Haddon where we will be looking at houses tomorrow. It was medium sized houses on small lots, there were kids playing in the street and people working in their gardens. The neighborhood showed a level of attention to houses and gardens that I liked to see. I was not scrutinizing roofs and sidings, but I did not see anything that looked worn out or run down.

There are two houses for sale in that neighborhood. One is on a dead end street backing up into a neighborhood park. The park is rolling land with trees and what looked like walking trails. I liked the location a lot. The other was half a block from Rt 30, and there was a nasty looking bar exactly on the other side of Rt 30. I did not like the look of that, I did not like the rundown feel of the shops on 30, and I did not like that there were THREE houses for sale on that block.

Went to school, spent the day prepping to teach and doing a little grading. Had no firm plan of what to cover today, hoped to get some ideas but I did not get enough good ideas. It was a bad class. I started by giving them a fuzzy assignment - you are a journalist pitching a story about the American Civil War, your editor wants "the story of the war" - what do you propose to write. It was a fuzzy topic, but it did serve to get them to do some pre-writing and then some buddy talking. Spent half an hour on that. Good idea, but next time explain that "time-travel news" has a deal on sending reporters to the 19th century, but we can only send a couple to the civil war era. Who should we interview and what sort of story should we expect to find. That might work better.

Then I did a loose run through of the bits of the war - goals of North and South, military run down, and so on. It was loose, I was off my pace, the kids did not know quite what to expect. I should have prepared a set of questions instead of trying to lead them through a short lecture equivalent. This is two semesters in a row that my class on the civil war has gone poorly, and I did different things each time. I guess I need to find something better to do this summer when I teach it for the third time.

Lunch was a turkey hoagie, mayo, no cheese, lettuce tomatoe and onion, before class. I also ate a hard boiled egg. It needed salt.

After teaching, and talking with a student, I went to the gym. Was still sore from Tuesday, especially hamstrings. Gym weight 177.4 before workout, 177.8 afterwards - I must have had enough water LOL.

  • 4:00 cycle, stretch, 5 pushups and crunches, scp bar*10, overhead squats bar*10
  • Sloppy Clean and Press (power clean and split press), 95*3, 115, 135*3 1/2, 2 1/2. No pop, legs still tired. Should have done 115 * 4. Play it by ear next time.
  • Barbell bench bar*15, 95*3, 135, 155*5, 3. On the set of 5, especially on the last rep, the bar went from my floating ribs to above my face - one heck of a goofy path. I need to cut the weight and play with different places to pull the bar to, because the bar does creep forward when I push at it. Next week do 95 or 135 and work on technique and path.
  • Overhead Press/ Push press. Went for my rep target, doing strict military while I could push press to finish the set. bar*8,95, 105* 3/2, 2/3. Repeat with 105
  • dumbbell bench 30*5, 45, 55*5,5 Right side wandered. went straight up from armpits. If do these early add 5 pounds.
  • dips 5, 3 full rom
  • abs - tried the roller wheel. Too difficult for me today. try again in may
  • abs - double crunch, 12# ball on head, to left knee, right knee "one, and, two, and". 9, 7 doubles.
  • abs - hipt thrust, 12, 10
  • no incline work, right front delt sore
  • cardio, verticle cycle, 25 minutes, mostly at 10 resist, 60-62 rpm, 301 "calories"
  • ran, at home with dog, the basic "6" as an out-loop-back. Tried midfoot and left knee hurt, added knee braces and tried midfoot, left knee still hurt. Rested and talk, then ran forefoot and knees felt good. Might be because hamstrings are tired, might be because of the interval running I did over the winter, but forefoot stride seems better for me at the moment.

Afterwards I noticed that my hips are rotating again. My low back is stronger than my abs, tuck the butt in and watch the spine!

Dinner was a boiled egg before the run, 2 bowls of chicken soup and some matzoh afterwards. Passover is over.

After dinner and baby to bed I did dishes, then looked up the two neighborhoods for tomorrow. Haddon has good schools, lily white demographics, and a slightly older population. Cherry Hill is still 90% white but is a little more demographically diverse. There are fewer kids, more older couples, and absolutely spectacular schools. Both are good enough, next we look at the houses themselves.

Spent a few minutes writing this, and now to bed.

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Yesterday was a terrible

Yesterday was a terrible day. Today might be better.

Yesterday about all I got done was a little grading and a few errands. I could not concentrate, could not focus, could not keep myself working. I hate the cumulative effects of bad sleep. I did not nap, deciding to write off the day in an attempt to head off an insomnia cycle. Got to bed a little after 10:00 and slept till about 6:00, call it a scant 8 hours of sleep. I am still tired but feel better.

No exercise yesterday, forgot to go running.
Meals: lunch was the rest of the meatloaf eaten with matzoh and the bottled red sauce. Dinner was chicken soup with matzoh balls. The only vegetables yesterday were in the soup - eat more veggies.

Slept well, very soundly. The complex is turning the water off from 9 to 5 today and tomorrow so they can install new water meters. I guess I get to go into the city and work from my office there today. Drive or train? Decide over breakfast.

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April 23, 2003

Sleepy day, sleepy day,

Sleepy day, sleepy day, Ted is slow and mazy.

Slept roughly midnight to 6:15, call it six hours. Stayed up a few minutes too late reading a new chapter in a Nick Scipio online story. Slept well, even though baby was restless - he kept losing his binkie, waking, and having to have the binkie replaced and the crib rocked.

Small breakfast: 3 sheets matzoh with ted slime and marmalade, 20 oz half-caff coffee. For some reason I don't want any dairy this morning.

Trouble concentrating. Am not writing, am doing grading. Cleaners come today, have to tidy the house.

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April 22, 2003

A pretty good day.

A pretty good day.

Did some writing this morning, actual pen to paper writing. It was not a think piece, not a set of sketches, not even a precis. I am happy.

I made time for writing by deferring the grading for Monday's class. I did get to re-read a couple of papers, but I was a little fried and think I need to do it again. At least I am at the top of the stack, so it did not hurt to read them.

Was just plain tired the middle of the day. I was mazy and slow moving around lunch, both before and after. Was a little slow out of the house but made it to campus on time.

Lunch was a lot of the meatloaf from the other day, with horseradish and that tomato sauce, and several sheets of matzoh lathered in Ted slime. I tried to eat enough to get me through the gym, because I don't have snacks for Passover.

Class went well, at least I think it did - I doubt my own judgements. I had them rapt for the first hour, then as they were begininng to flag I caned Sumner and got their attention again. Today's class was on the sectional crisis. I set it up by using familiar language in an unfamiliar way: "in 1853 the state of the nation was sound. In 1861 the state of the nation was war. What happened? How did things fall apart so very quickly?" I then set up the question of how did the republican party convince most northerners that there was a slave power and that it was a threat to their liberties? I argued that Southern actions, all of which made short-term or local sense, convinced Northerners that there was a threat. Northern reactions then convinced Southerners that there was a threat to their liberties, and BOOM the lower south Seceded after the election and before Lincoln and the republicans could take office and actually DO anything.

I was animated, even before I acted out Preston Brooks' assault on Charles Sumner. That passing mention in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. about using gestures was useful. I have started paying more attention to the way I use my hands to make points, being more animated when I lecture. I think I should set up a video taping - I wonder if this university does that. Look into it.

Was EXHAUSTED afterwards - I was effective on stage for 80 minutes working hard, and I had been tired before I started. Once again I found myself drifting and losing concentration on the drive home. I might have to take the extra time in the day to use the train, slower and more expensive but I can unwind without driving. Took a brief dreml, not even that, a brief eyes-closed, in the car at the gym while listening to Firesign Theater on NPR. They were ok.

Lower back / legs day.

    Gym weight 176.4
  • warmup 4:00 cycle, stretch, scp bar*10, oh squat bar*8, fr squat bar *8
  • squat, power style, bar*10, 135*3, 185, 225, 255*4 1/2, 245*5. Got a spot on first set, might have made it without the help. I am struggling half-way up, it is probably my abs. I hate working abs. Do 255 twice next time.
  • front squat, 185*5,5. Increase
  • deadlift. bar*5, 135*3, 185, 235, 285, 315*2, 295*4. OOF - went too heavy. Note that I normally DL before front squats, did them in other order today. I think this explains why the squats felt easy and the DL did not. Reverse the order next week and pick a weight based on how I feel.
  • standing calf, 170*12,12. Did these between the two work sets of DL to give me something to do.
  • good morning 135*8,5 - CHECK REPS - don't have my notebook with me. Felt form failing and stopped.
  • pull through 130*12,8. Felt a little dizzy, stopped here.
  • Cardio, recline cycle, 20 minutes, mostly at 15 resist, 55 rpm, 340 "calories"

Took a naked weight after exercise, after the shower, was 172 1/2. That is the lightest I have been in a while - is it passover making it hard for me to eat, or am I just dehydrated from eating fewer bread products?

My exercycle reading was volume 3 of George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire Much like volume 1 of the series, I am having trouble getting into it. The characters are all somewhat likeable, somewhat stupid. They keep getting put into difficult situations, but it all feels somehow forced and contrived. No, thats not it. Perhaps it is that last night I spent time explaining the dilemna of Lyndon Johnson, torn between his desire for power and his desire for justice, and losing both to the Vietnam war. Today I spent time explaining how both North and South could convince themselves that the other section was engaged in a conspiracy against their liberties. After that, I don't really want to read about some fantasy characters making bad decisions. I especially don't want to watch as forces outside their control push them into bad situations so as to advance a dark, complex and murky plot. I will finish the book, but I will put it down and start something else first. I have a James Baldwin cued up and another couple of light readings waiting on reserve at the county library.

J had left the baby with the gym day care. Took him home, drank milk, walked the hound with the baby in the stroller (left the stroller outside, oops), fed the baby, ate my dinner, bathed the baby, J home, baby to bed, me to do dishes, read email, collect email from students, check the news and then write this.

J pointed out that I goofed. Not only did I leave the stroller outside, I also forgot to put my meatloaf away after lunch AND I left the cottage cheese out after breakfast. Bad Ted. In both cases I had not completely cleared the table and then looked and saw dried fruit when it was really cottage cheese and saw an empty matzoh bag when it was really meatloaf in a ziplock.

After dishes had a snack, fat-free yoghurt with almonds and mixed dried fruit, and a couple of slices of matzoh with ted slime. Also more milk. I drink a lot of milk after I exercise, have not been drinking as much over Passover.

Now I have to get myself to sleep at a reasonable hour. Lifting, especially leg/back day, makes it hard to sleep. A late dinner like the one I just had, makes it hard to sleep. Still, I be tired and I needs my sleep.

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Breakfast: matzoh with ted

Breakfast: matzoh with ted slime and marmalade, small bowl non-fat cottage cheese with dates, small bowl full fat yoghurt with raisins, almonds, and honey. I grabbed the wrong container and while I wondered why the yoghurt was so much smoother and richer I did not figure it out till I was putting the dishes away. Made a 20 oz pot of half caff. And now to work.

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Slept 12:30 to 6:30,

Slept 12:30 to 6:30, about six hours maybe a little less. It is hard getting to sleep on days when I teach late and eat dinner late.

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April 21, 2003

It was a pretty

It was a pretty good day.

Spent the morning working on the dissertation. Am taking the precis of 4 and using it to revise my confetti draft. Spent the morning reviewing the confetti draft and planning the merger. The precis is much tighter than the draft, which is a good thing.

Lunch was the matzoh-turkey kugel from the other day, had two plates full. was good, but needed salt. That recipe needs something sexy to add bite and sharpness, perhaps raisins, perhaps olives.

Prepped class over lunch. It was The Sixties, arranged the class as a tragic story of LBJ, his hope for power and call for justice, and the way that vietnam war destroyed both hopes. Argued that legal framework and cultural challenges of 60s were important legacies, so powerful we don't notice them. Some Malcolm X. The kids (some are older than I am, but habit rules) decided that they would rather have read the Autobiography of Malcolm X than Brinkley's Voices of Protest

Dinner was J's spinach pie. Was ok, but needed salt. Like my matzoh farfel, it was bland and needed something forward on the tongue. J used tabasco on hers.

Finished re-reading confetti draft, have an idea of what sections to rewrite. Sleepy now, should go to bed.

And so to bed

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Slept about 9:30 to

Slept about 9:30 to 5:45. I am not the Duke of Wellington. Woke at 1:30 to pee, back to sleep. Woke at 3:30 when baby cried, back to sleep. Did chase myself out of bed at J's first alarm, actually woke up a little before that first alarm. I might have caught up on that sleep deficit. Time to try early-to-bed-early-to-rise.

Commented a paper, read online newspapers before breakfast. Yoghurt and prunes, matzoh with ted slime and marmalade, made a 16oz pot of 1/3 caff. Continuing to watch caffeine and sugar.

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April 20, 2003

I am tired of

I am tired of housework.

Passover is the holiday of housework. You clean the house to get ready, get all new pans, cook funny food, and 8 days later change it all back again.

We spent today doing laundry and cooking so we would not have to cook this week. Ugh.

Breakfast: was tired of matzoh and tired of yoghurt. Made mushroom omelettes and hash browns. YUM. Spent the morning doing some grading, finished first pass on the exams and resorted them into best-worst order. No class prep, absolutely no writing. I did get an answer from Real.com and can now run realplayer without crashing - had to turn down color depth on the desktop and turn down hardware graphics accelleration. Perhaps the new Radeon drivers will fix it. Was grading to E&B, will likely reactivate that account later this week and use that for a month. EQ expires Thursday and may never get re-started. Am thinking about picking up a desktop game, probably the Baldur's gate sequence or Neverwinter Nights.

Finally had a chance to cuddle with J this morning, we have been too sick, too tired, on dealing with baby far too often lately.

Talked about the house thing. The small house, the more we think about it, is going to be too small. If they are still interested in selling we will go through with a tape measure and see if we are still interested in buying. The duplex is growing on us, despite the roof and the siding and my new worry, that it is in the sort of place where things left outside might well vanish overnight.

Lunch was leftover brisket with mustard, prunes, and matzoh. Brisket and prunes is disturbingly good.

Easter Sunday means that the gyms are all closed. So I did a moderate workout at home. Note, the dumbbell handles are about 4#

dumbbell snatch: 34*5, 54*5, 74*1, 64*5.

dumbbell military press, one hand, r 1st, 44*5,5

concentration curls 24*3, 34, 39*3, 36*3. Was looking for a good weight for 5s, could not find it.

triceps kickback, strict form, 24*5,5. silly exercise

front plate raises, 2 hands on a 25# plate, 10,10

side bends, r hand left obliques first, 74*8

double crunches, smiling at baby at the top, 25

pushups, smiling at baby at the top, 15,15

Went for a run, with the hound. If the normal parking lot loop looks like the number 6, with me starting at the top and running around for an out-circle-back path, this time I did a strict out and back along the whole number 6. about 18 minutes - misplaced my watch somehow.

was a bad boy, finished Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum before cooking dinner, had about 30 pages left. Dinner was a meatloaf, usual recipe but kosher turkey, baked potatoes, brocolli, and the last of the previous chicken soup. was good.

J has been cooking for the rest of the week, she made another matzoh ball soup and some sort of spinach pie that may well be too high fat for me and too slimey for her. now is the time to try new foods. I got to do the dishes.

Heard from my family. My brother was glad to have been invited for Passover, it seems to have been a good thing to do as well as being a fun thing to have done. He likes my cooking (as well he should). Sister is deferring the new baby's baptism till late summer when the whole family can be there, including perhaps some of the Michigan folks. Should be fun.

Folded laundry after dinner. Tried to grade and comment on a draft paper but too tired - almost fell over right after dinner while holding the baby. Going to sleep after I write this, Duke of Wellington rules.

The baby is most definitely bigger, I noticed while bathing him. Not taller, not fatter, just bigger in every dimension.

Walking the dawg and then to bed.

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Slept 11:00 to 6:00,

Slept 11:00 to 6:00, roughly 7 hours. Baby woke up hungry at 5:30. J cranky, back to sleep. I have baby duty, but he seems to be going back to sleep also. Starting the Duke of Wellington rule, once awake don't go back to sleep.

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April 19, 2003

Slept about midnight to

Slept about midnight to about 7:00, call it 7 1/2 hours or a little under.

Tired, wanted to sleep more.

Breakfast: yoghurt with raisins and almonds and a little honey, one sheet matzhoh, two small cups coffee - about 10oz brewed half-caff.

Edit, came back at 10:30pm to add the rest of my day.

Read the news, graded a little. J went to schul. Matzoh brie for lunch after she and baby got back. After lunch graded a little, I snuck a dreml in my desk chair, then we went and drove around neighborhoods. I had been strongly in favor of rose lane over the house by the mall, after looking again I only have a mild preference for the neighborhood with the small house in good condition. We think the twin by the mall is overpriced, but are kicking around the idea of a bid contingent on them fixing the siding and addressing the fact that it will need a new roof soon.

Grocery shopping as a family. J was very sleepy and out of it. I cooked dinner. Ground turkey, matzoh brie, mushrooms, onions, garlic, cinammon, salt, pepper and parsley. I sauteed in a dutch oven, added the mushrooms after browning them in a separate pot, stirred in two eggs and some chicken soup, and baked until it set. Was ok. Had with jacketted sweet potatoes and J made a spinach and mushroom salad.

After dinner graded, looked a little at a web comic between papers. Alltogether I did first read on 14 papers, have another 7 or so do do tomorrow morning.

Finished playing with hardware on the new computer. Checked jumpers to make sure cpu slot was running at full speed, pulled my old hard drive to put it in J's machine, closed the case and moved it down to the floor. I now have more desk space, but with a computer under the desk I can not write longhand in that spot. Still, it opens up the room to get the big grey beast off the table - it was looming over everything.

And so to bed.

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April 18, 2003

Bedtime post. Really. This

Bedtime post. Really. This time I mean it.

Went to the gym, was tired and did not want to play with weights. Sat on exercycle, recline, 40 minutes at 14 resist, 60 to 70 rpm, 625 "calories".

Looked at another house this afternoon, a twin in Voorhees. We liked the space - all our stuff would fit. We loved the master bedroom suite, it was huge, had a changing area, and the whole living space was well laid out. No basement, no attic, but big closets and a closed off garage that would do for storage. We did not like the exterior - it is due for a new roof soon, the panelling is falling off in the back, and there are renters in at the moment which might be another hassle. Mostly we were underwhelmed by the location. It is in the middle of the built up portion, near the mall, with road noise, apartment complexes and businesses. One in five houses on the street needed visible work, either to the panelling or to the roof. Our back yard backs onto the police station. It felt like the sort of place where you need a security system. I was tired and cranky and argued against it, J loved the space. Will think on it again in the morning.

Leftover brisket for dinner, J made some extra carrots.

Was very tired after dinner, put on the movie Pearl Harbor while I played with the baby and J read. Bad idea, the movie just ended. It was better than I expected, hokey, but still capable of manipulating emotions.

And so to bed.

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I hate insomnia. Slept

I hate insomnia.

Slept from a little before 3:00 am to a little after 7:00, call it 4 1/2 hours of sleep. That is not enough. I am slow, awkward and clumsy today. I don't trust my decisions enough for me to start grading. It means that I have to spend the day doing donkey work, or I have to take a nap and start the whole cycle over again.

No naps, yesterday was a special occasion. Also I need to cut back on caffeine even more than I have. 20 oz coffe pot today, but J and I split it.

Breakfast: yoghurt with almonds and raisins and honey, 1.5 slices of matzoh with ted slime and marmalade, a little coffee. Was all I wanted.

Spent the morning benchmarking the computer and finding the flat spaces in my office. I sorted folders, filed about 20 folders, filled a trash can with paper, got the box of fall teaching materials out of the house, and puttered on the computer.

Updated the motherboard drivers, ran the video card driver install again. Got 3dwinmarks of about 4570 with the cpu bus at 166, core at 11x bus speed, and cpu running at about 1800 megaherz. Changed cpu access speed to 200, dropped the multiplier to 9.5x, ran at just under 1900 megaherz, and got winmarks of about 4640. Changing memory use from optimal to aggressive enabled the fancy memory features (YAY) but did not affect the winmark. I still need to try optimal cpu multiplier, 200 bus, and aggressive memory - with optimal cpu, 200 bus, and optimal memory windows refused to load earlier. Temperatures are good, might as well try it.

Lunch was soup and a little matzoh. J makes a very good chicken soup. After lunch went to phoco student loan documents, get cash from the money machine, get a haircut. My barber is a hoot. He is a history fan, he reads popular history and likes to talk about it. For the last couple of months he has been working through McCollugh's book on John Adams. He was confused by the late 1790s. So while I got my hair cut I explained, for the whole barbershop, about John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and the politics of the Quasi-war and the Revolution of 1800. I can tell a good story for history, I found that I just naturally set up a chronology, lay out motivations, and walk people through actions and reactions. It is moments like that that confirm me in my desire to teach. Now to get space for the dissertation.

We also talked some about the Duke of Wellington. I was reminded of what he did to manage his sleep. Regardless of when he went to bed, the first time he got up in the middle of the night was the time he started his day. Instead of getting up to pee and going back to sleep, he would get dressed and get an early start on things. It might be painful to get it started, but perhaps a regime like that would work, where I put myself in the bed at 10:00 and once I get up I start my day. The problem is that I have this fear of lying in bed and not being able to sleep, I don't like to go to bed until I am very tired. If I have something to do, or something to worry about, I stay awake until I know I can sleep. It is bad for me, it is bad for my health, it is terrible for my work. It is hard on J, because I am a lump more often than not. I do hope that part of the not wanting to go sleep is househunting stress, and that I will get back to my more usual 7 hours after we have a decision.

We heard from the sellers. She is ready to sign the contract, he is having cold feet and wants to think about it over the weekend. So, we told our Lawyer not to bother reviewing the contract and we are looking at more things this weekend. If we find something better, we will withdraw the first bid. If not, well, if they bail we will be a bit better prepared because we will not have halted our search.

No lifting today - TOO clumsy and sleepy. I will go sit on the exercycle with a book and wave my legs in circles.

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April 17, 2003

Long day, not been

Long day, not been updating. To bed after 1:00 last night, up at 7:00. Very tired. No naps today, and here it is 12:30 already. I have to watch this late night rattling.

It was endlessly more difficult to get win xp set up than it was to get the machine built in the first place. I am having a lot of trouble getting it to identify and work with my software. Wordperfect was crashing on some userids, working on others. The printer only installed properly the fourth time, and so on. I am doing voodoo computing, and I don't like it. I need to find a good manual on Win XP - it is indeed unlike Win 9x.

Passover frenzy today. Lots of dishes, lots of boxes being moved around. Had Po and B over for Seder. Was good to see them, and good for them to see the baby.

We also signed a contract on the house. I don't like the phrasing of the seller's contingency clause. We will run it by our lawyer and get some better language. Big step. I wonder if this is related to the dyspepsia and upwelling bile I have been having for the last week. It might be.

Went to the gym this afternoon. Have been sleeping poorly. This is an odd week for lifting because of Passover. did a mixed upper body workout, not too aggressive.

Gym weight:
3:30 cycle, stretch lightly, hcp bar * 10
barbell bench: bar*10, 95*3, 135, 155*5, 145*4. Had a spot first set, got some help 4th rep. Problems with even extension 2nd set. repeat weight. See below.
Pullups: wide grip 4, neutral grip 4. Keep working on reps.
end superset

dumbbell bench 30*5, 45, 55*5,5 increase

dumbbell bent row, left hand first, 80*5,5. increase

end superset

dumbbell incline press, 45degrees, 35*5, 30*5.

abs: double crunch, 12# medicine ball on head, 12, 12

hanging leg raise: 8, 6

Note: My right front delt was sore during inclines. It was the sort of sore and weak feeling that goes with an injured muscle being worked during its recovery, with an extra twinge around the outward insertion. I may have aggravated the old delt injury last week when I failed a rep on the bench. Put liniment on it, see what I can do to help get strength and control back.

After the brothers left we did a little housework, I worked on computer till tired. Wrote this and now to bed.

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Another day, another seder.

Another day, another seder.

Slept 1:30 to 7:00, tired. Need to get more sleep at night.

Breakfast: yoghurt with prunes, matzoh, one small sheet with cream cheese and Osem marmalade (They make spectacular marmalade - bright orange flavor, lots of little bits of peel, good texture), a couple of small sheets with ted slime and marmalade. Made the 2 person pot of brewed half-caff, drank about my usual 20 ounces.

Spent morning prepping for classes and running benchmarks on the new computer. I am confused by my motherboard. My cpu is an Athlon 2500 with the Barton core and a front side buss that runs at 333 megahertz. The motherboard will run the cpu at any speed I want as long as it ranges from 100 to 200 megahertz - is that front side bus speed? My memory will run at chip speed - 200 - or at cpu external speed. But my memory chips should be running at 400!

I benchmarked using 3dmark. With cpu at 100 I scored a winmark of about 2800. With cpu at 166 I scored a winmark of about 4800. With cpu at 200 I could not start Win XP. I want to try cpu at 200 and a much lower cpu multiple - don't want to overclock the chip just want to get most of my bandwidth. I plan to do more benchmarking tomorrow.

Ran the same loop I have been running all week. Felt better, more over my feet, quick footsteps. First run in the new Brooks Beast shoes. Oh what a difference between 50 dollar style shoes "low mileage trainers" and 110 dollar motion control monsters. I am alternately being too far over the inside and the outside of my left foot, it depends on if I consciously correct for the collapse. It might be time for new orthotics. Left achilles tendon felt ok before started, a little sore after.

Lunch - leftover brisket, matzah, water. First slice of matzah had some mayo on it, rest had ted slime. Was hungry and ate several sheets. Oh, and some leftover potatoes and carrots.

Ran late, rushed in, got to office before first student came to talk. Was sleepy and bought a large full caff coffee on my way to the elevator. One of the good students came, she has a good paper - got the question, supported her reading with evidence, wrote coherently. The good students at Temple are really quite good.

Class went so so. I spent too much time on Tuesday setting up flags, and too much time today setting up the notion that political parties persist only because they can draw differences between each other. had to end it in 1855 with the early Republican party, had wanted to cane Sumner and get up to 1860 because their papers are due on Tuesday. Oh well. I expect a mixed bag of papers, the folks who started early will do quite well.

Home, very sleepy. Had a snack - chicken soup and a matzoh ball, a sheet of matzah, and a banana. Then took a nap so I could make it through tonight. Drove to New Bunswick for a big family seder. J took the first 20 minutes while I napped some more, then I drove the rest while she napped.

It was good to see people. I feel bad about not being done, I need to work more efficiently. Other people do it, I can do it. It was good to talk to folks. A 9-month old cousin was there, he got to play next to the baby. The baby was a hit - we really did get lucky on this one.

It was a big family seder, I ate a lot, I blew my fat budget. It was good. Had coffee after dinner.

Home, I drove, and walked the hound. I want to get to sleep early.

I fear that my dyspepsia the last couple of weeks is one of: dehydration, too much milk, too much coffee. Drink more water, watch the coffee.

Spent the drive home talking about what to do with the new house. Note, after the drive up I had a cramp in my left calf. Connected to the achilles tendon?

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April 15, 2003

Baby woke me at

Baby woke me at 6:30. Just as well, after being up too late. I declare insomnia, which means NO naps and watch the caffeine. Smaller bowl of Wheaties and germs, parve english muffin, small slice toast. Usual 20 oz pot of half-caff.

Started working on getting Win XP onto the new machine. Swapped to the new hard drive, popped the cd in, and started. It went right into win setup and I would have been good. I halted setup to double check that the new drive was recognized by the bios, it was, but when I restarted it hung while recognizing PCI. After it did that three times I went back in, set the old drive to master, set the new drive to slave, activated both drives at once, and booted off the old to format the new. Doing that now as I write this on J's machine.

Left achilles tendon is sore. NO RUNNING today. Decide about exercycle after teaching.

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Well, that was a

Well, that was a busy day yesterday.

Started setting up the computer, went to teach, came home for dinner and babysitting, then finished getting the parts together.

Unlike the last time I tried to build a desktop, this time it was easy to get the motherboard and the case to talk to each other. I really don't know what was so hard about J's enlight case. I do know that I LIKE the Ansus cases. If I make a box for my sister I will use an Ansus.

Class went pretty well. Civil rights is compelling. We made it through Birmingham. I will talk about black power and class divisions next week and the week after. Papers were due. Again we had half a dozen students show up a little late and leave at the break. Their actions are recorded in their written performances, but it still bugs me. The folks who stay are a good class, one of the better classes I have taught. I am giving a fair bit of work, and they are doing enough of it and getting involved.

Dinner was a chicken noodle salad made from barbecue leftovers plus some mayo. Was feeling dyspeptic again on the ride home and around dinner time. Babysat and then put baby to bed while J got work done.

Finished putting the computer together around midnight. The only tedious part was figuring out how to connect the USB and Firewire connections from the front of the case to the appropriate bits on the motherboard. Oh, and I messed with the drives a couple of times to get them just how I wanted them. I booted from the old hard drive and backed up data to J's machine.

Not sleepy, not productive, surfed the web till late. This morning I wonder if I was a little cold and thus not sleepy, at the time I blamed dinner or the half-cup of coffee I had on my way out the door.

To bed around 4:00am

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April 14, 2003

Ran at 12:12. About

Ran at 12:12. About 10 minutes. Same loop as Saturday. I felt better this time, better wind, better posture. My ankles are a little sore, especially left side, but that is why I ease into it.

Spent morning prepping classes, feel good about tonight, feel ok about tomorrow.

The new computer should arrive today, it is on the truck. But will it arrive before I leave for the day?

J. called. She did about 90 minutes of work last night fixing a database. It never updated properly and we can't find it in the recycle bin on this computer. Most likely sequence of events: the zip file did not update correctly, and when she deleted it an older version of the same file deleted from the same directory took precedence in the recycle bin. File management is a bitch. I might get drafted to proof-read the corrections, and the re-doing the data is something J will have to do on her own time. She is busy enough as it is.

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Woke 7:00. J kicked

Woke 7:00. J kicked me out of bed, we have a busy morning.
Breakfast: bowl of wheaties with oat&barley - the usual stuff. One parve english muffin, one slice homemade bread, Fleishman's light (Ted slime), finished the Hero blackberry jam. Coffee, brewed my usual 20 oz pot of brewed half-caff.

I got to drop off the baby today.

We looked at Rose lane. We liked it. My summary is written up elsewhere, no need to paste it into the blog. We put in an offer. Yoicks! Now we wait and see, did they like the offer, how many other offers did they get, did the low-hassles nature of our offer get the sellers' attention. We are renting, are qualified for mortgage, can put 10% down, and are flexible on closing date. And in the end, we wait, we wonder if it gets into bidding, and we have already figured out what is our walk-away price for the house.

Now to get work done.
TTD: prep for tonight, prep for Tuesday, grade a little. I am hung up on the mechanics of how to rewrite the next chapter. Do I want to work in a word processor, or do I want to work longhand. Right now I am leaning towards the word processor. But, that requires my computer - WP 9 is NOT compatible with Word 2000, and J. must have word 2000 on her machine for work. I can use Word, but it makes me cranky. I just don't like its metaphor, its formatting, its save pattern, and some of its default keystrokes. Oh, and J's keyboard is not so easy on my hands as is my big Northgate. Prep class, then see.

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Lunch around 1:30. Mac'n'cheese

Lunch around 1:30. Mac'n'cheese - disgusting but easy to cook. 1 box Kraft, 1 can tuna, some of the leftover fettucines, some margarine and olive oil, some hot sauce and ketchup. About 1000 calories, had a little bit left over.

Note, am not counting milk in these calories and meals. Instead I will note each time I open a new gallon of milk. I drink a lot of milk, about 3 gallons a week.

UPS just came with my new computer! Now I have 3 boxes of parts to assemble. Time to go unpack!

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April 13, 2003

Read on civil rights

Read on civil rights in: Graham, civil rights and presidence, Grant, black protest. Comfortable with tripartate division of time, top/bottom analysis. Still not sure how to handle the class itself.

Did a little more flipping through sectional crisis. I may have lost my preliminary notes in a computer crash. I love windows!

Spent some time looking at the house on Rose lane online. Checked the state report card on the schools - schools are below average for a very good district, well above average for a very good state. Checked the census data for 2000. I had known you could get block-by-block results from the 2000 census, I had not realized how small the blocks were. We now have a race and age breakdown for the 55 people on the block and the 950 people in the nieghborhood. It is painfully white, with a number of older residents. I am torn - painfully white means good resale values and quick resale. It also means a potentially blinkered view of the world - I wanted the kids to grow up with more racial mixture. J will tell me we won't be in that house for 20 years. Still, we are evaluating the neighborhoods and locations as if we were going to be there for a while. If we are going to look at houses seriously, I HAVE to think long term. It is how I think.

And so to bed.

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Slept 10:30 to 3:30

Slept 10:30 to 3:30
baby woke at 3:30, J took him and rocked him to sleep. We are cutting out his nighttime feeding in the hope that he will sleep the night more consistently.
I could not get back to sleep. Lay in bed 3:30 to 4:30, got up and drank milk 4:30 to 5:45, lay in bed 5:45 to 7:30. While in bed I rested, I even dreamed, but I did not fall all the way asleep. I think that, despite being hot when I went to bed, I was cold in the middle of the night.

Breakfast, oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, two bowls. Two slices homemade toast with fleish-light margarine and a little of the good clover honey. Half caff. Small glass orange juice.

Napped 9:30 to 9:45, J called to ask a question about wine. Was enough nap, I feel able to work now.

TTD: read for Tuesday, prep for Monday, grade homework, a little writing.

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Read class reading for

Read class reading for for Tuesday. J home, talked about Passover planning. Did some class planning.

Talked to Bonnie the real estate agent. She likes a little house on Rose Hill. She sort of wants us to see a condo and an even smaller house.

Lunch was leftover lemon chicken with fetuccine. Added some fetuccine (spelling?) because there was too much chicken. I like the de cecco pasta, shame it is a buck more a box than the adequate San Georgio.

Went to the storage area around 3:00. Picked up 6 boxes of passover gear. That storage area is pretty darn full - 10 by 20 with a narrow aisle down the middle.

Leg day, new split.
gym weight (with shoes and lifting clothes) 189.0
6:00 cycle, stretch, scp bar *10, oh squat bar *10, fr squat bar * 10
Squat, power style: bar *10, 135*3, 185, 225, 245*5,5. Increase first set next week.
First set had me seeing stars, half-piking on last rep. Second set I led with my shoulders, was more upright and stronger.
Deadlift, traditional style. 135*3, 225, 275, 305* IV, IV. Second set, needed an extra breath before 3rd rep, several breaths before 4th rep. Increase to 315.
Front squat: 135*3, 175*5,5. Increase.
Good Morning 135*3, 185*0 - too heavy and did not push, 135*8
Pull throughs, low cable, wide stance, 120*8
cardio: recline cycle, 35 minutes, 16 resist, 62 to 64 rpm, 634 "calories"
shower, post workout naked weight 175 1/2

Felt good, was a heavy workout. Will do something for chest on Tuesday, Olympic lifts and a leg breakdown on Thursday, back on Friday. Not sure where to put shoulders, probably Friday.

Home, J made barbecue. ate one chicken breast, a mess of pasta, some grilled veggies. Was a little dyspeptic all day, made worse after straining during lift.

After dinner we drove around Rose Hill. The neighborhood is lots of little 50 year old houses, with basements, near a river park. It looks like GI bill houses, originally all alike. Now they are all different - raised roofs, sun rooms, extensions, some have added entire floors. It is well kept and highly convenient. We might well be able to resell if we had to. We look at the house tomorrow morning.

Some puttering, read Freehling's book on the road to secession while thinking about what to teach on Tuesday.

Looking back at my morning goals, I got almost nothing done. Why? The gym took time, mid-day took time, dinner and looking at houses took time, and I was not aggressive about carving out my own time. Of course, J needed some time mid day and early evening for her work. Someone had to sit on the baby. Early to bed, unless I get cranky and get a second wind.

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April 12, 2003

Read news. J woke

Read news. J woke at 8:30, cranky because she had to be somewhere at 10:00 and I had not known to chase her out of bed. Running a little late - I get to babysit this morning. Had considered going to the gym, but gym daycare ends at noon and my workout today is odd. I am due for shoulders and OL, but with legs again tomorrow then no OL. Decided to lift dumbells at home later today. So, spend the morning with the baby. I was in the mood to hear "In the Mood" and discovered that the baby LIKES Glen Miller! I need to play more swing and more jazz.
Breakfast was 1 bowl wheaties with generic grape-nuts equivalent sprinkled on top, 1 english muffin with berry jam, 2 slices home made toast with the Febrary marmalade, coffee (brewed half-caff).

Did some reading for Monday, the Boyer text is pretty good on JFK. Started baby laundry. Waiting for baby to nap so that I can shower - should probably lift before then now that I have had a chance to digest breakfast.

Still have a little bit of acid reflux, mild, not painful, but an awareness at the back of the throat. Still, if this is my version of the gut bug that J got, I am most extremely lucky.

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I RAN First time


First time in months!

It was sort of funny. I spent more time changing into full running armor (2 knee braces, support shorts to keep my thighs from chafing, socks, orthotics, shoes, puce green running shorts, and a t-shirt) and stretching than I spent running. I ran for about 10 to 12 minutes at 14 to 18 minute pace. It was slow and plodding. It was a short enough run that I never got past the part where my legs hurt - the hurt does not go away until I have done half a mile to a mile - but I could tell that all the time on the exercycle was helping. Running form and foot-plant varied with the hill, some heel, some midfoot, a little bit of forefoot. My natural stride is still a midfoot, I just concentrated on short steps and keeping my landing foot under my center of gravity.

I then went home, showered, and iced my knees.

J cooked dinner: two big chicken breasts, 2 sticks of broccolli, onion, hot pepper, soy sauce, and a canned chinese sauce. Served over rice. We ate 2/3 of it, I had two large helpings.

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Woke 7:00, alarm 6:15

Woke 7:00, alarm 6:15 but hit snooze once or twice. Baby cried twice, up once. J took the baby (thank you).
May have gotten an enoughness of sleep !

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Baby is hungry today.

Baby is hungry today. He is not sleepy. I babysat and tried to work around a cranky baby. Lifted at home mid-morning:
warmup: play with baby
note, I ballpark the db shaft at 4#
One hand db military press: 24#*12, 34#, 54#*2. Second rep, both hands, was a push press. 54 is too heavy.
44#*5, 5/4.5, R 1st. Last rep left hand had to push-press.
note Did some db snatches getting dumbell in place.
concentration curls, 24*10, 34*5,5, r 1st, increase.
plate raises, one plate forward, 25# *12,12
side bends 54#*10
showered, back to babysitting. Was a light shoulder workout, but enough to let me go ahead and lift legs tomorrow without having strained my back any. Note, have not deadlifted since Thursday of last week - put a light DL on legs day.

J home as I was prepping lunch. 2 grilled cheese sandwiches: 4 slices toast 360 calories, 6 slices not-cheese 180 calories, 1 can tuna, mayo, mustard, some margarine to fry. oh, and chipotle pepper sauce.

Finished the precis and mailed it to Joe with a cover letter laying out what I left out. The exercise helped me get a handle on chapter 4. I should be able to start working on the revised chapter tomorrow.

Finished reading for Monday, including King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," started prepping class. Raided the census bureau web page for some statistics. I know what I want to cover, still thinking about how to get there. Not yet read for Tuesday.

Finished _Stranger in a Strange Land_, been reading that off and on for a week. My light reading stack is down to Gene Wolfe's tale of the long sun and a really bad Griffiths spy novel. Need to hit the library soon - might be time to order the third george rr martin. Next light reading is back issues of the Chronicle of Higher ed.

It is a really nice day. I want to go running, even if it will take more time to armor up than I will spend running. Of course, as soon as I THOUGHT about running the bottom of my right kneecap began to hurt. I might still run, otherwise the hound gets a nice long walk.

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April 11, 2003

Short nap, thinking about

Short nap, thinking about dissertation.
Lunch, leftover curry and rice.
My left knee is sore again.
Time to run errands. It is a cold, nasty rainy day. I want to stay home and drink hot cocoa all day.

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First pass on Precis.

First pass on Precis. 2 pages in Word, single spaced. It is bloated and constipated.
John Newland Maffit, like a cat in a revolving door, is once again out of this draft.
Surfed web again, 20 minutes looking up monitors. Why? my old 17 inch works fine, I just crave a bigger toy.
Started bread, 1 cup sourdough, 1 cup white, 1 cup wheat, 1 tsp yeast, 3/4 tsp salt. Bread machine on french, dark crust.

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Dinner: 2 chicken breasts,

Dinner: 2 chicken breasts, 1 bell pepper, 5 oz mushrooms, 1 bunch scallions, 1 hot pepper, 1/2 lemon (juice only), 1/4 cup olive oil. 3/4 pound fettuccine. We ate 2/3, I ate more than J. did.

After dinner the baby was cranky, I was sleepy. I got no work done, did read a little in this week's Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Snack - one small bowl of yoghurt with, erm, about 8 small prunes.
to bed around 10:00

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Friday morning. Slept midnight

Friday morning.
Slept midnight to 6:45, was rattling around not sleeping from 10:30 to midnight. Baby up several times between 10:00 and 2:00 - he just cut his first tooth!
Sleepy, not as tired as yesterday.

Breakfast: mug of tea, bowl of wheaties and wheat-barley kitty litter, 2 english muffins with Hero blackberry jam. Was not in a marmalade mood.

Surfed the web for about an hour this morning, BAD HABIT. I need to start logging that time so I can control it.
TTD today: bake bread, grocery shopping, buy coffee, haircut, public library.
Work TD today: review draft, put together chapter precis to mail to advisor.
note - my computer died a few days ago. I am working on my wife's computer - I don't like the keyboard and it does not have wordperfect. grumble.
grumble again - the dawg was coughing this morning. So, I went to put her out on the porch. Pepper plants in pots were blocking the door, so I went to quickly grab one and put it out of the way so I cold throw the dawg out before she puked. My peppers (hot peppers, mostly Thai Dragons) are staked to bamboo sticks. As I bent down to grab the pot foreshortening struck AGAIN and I banged into the bamboo stick. I won a mouth full of loose splinters and a nice cut on my lip. Lucky me.
The dawg did not puke.

and so to work.

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Cocoa and grading it

Cocoa and grading it was.
I like cocoa, I make a good pan of cocoa.
I graded some homework - tired and had trouble concentrating. As of 5:00 I realized that I should have gotten a haircut and then gone to the gym to sit on the exercycle. Ah well - this is why I am logging everything - so I can better read myself in the future. Instead I walked the hound, she liked the walk.

Grading on the kitchen table and wondering how to implement lemon chicken with hot peppers and mushrooms, on noodles.

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We have coffee. We

We have coffee. We have groceries. I have decided that I am tired, my arms are tired, and that I would not do well to do overhead lifts today. So, OH day is deferred to Saturday.

For the rest of the afternoon I don't know if I will make hot cocoa and grade papers or if I will go get my hair cut off. I have been wanting the haircut, but sloth and cold rain are compelling.

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April 10, 2003

First entry. I was

First entry.
I was reading Krista's page www.stumptous.com and decided to try blogging. I need some sort of diary to help me keep track of what I am doing these days.

So far today.
no writing
I did spend some time reviewing my notes on the current chapter. Next step is to reread the rough draft and write a precis of the revised chapter.

I taught US Part 1. Class today was immigration and industrialization. It was only a so-so class. I spent a lot of time on central place theory and economic development. As I was driving home I realized what I should have emphasized, but I then forgot it.

I hit the gym after teaching. Thursdays are normally back day. But, I am running late and did legs on Tuesday, chest day. So, chest was due up next, but it was back day. Oh, and my legs and low back were still sore from Tuesday, and I was tired tired tired despite having a luxury of 9 hours of sleep.

4:00 exercycle, stretch. forgot to do light overhead.
barbell bench: bar*12, 95*3, 135*1, 155*4.5, failed 5th rep, put it on my belly and sat up. 145*4.5, got a spot 5th rep.
pullups widegrip 3, neutral grip 3
db bench, 30*3, 50*5, did 55 last week but taking it easy.
db bent rows, 75*5,5, right first, increase next week.
called it there - still sleepy.
30 minutes on the exercycle, low to moderate resistance, 65 rpm, about 600 "calories"

Home and chicken curry out of the freezer for dinner.
then laundry, then puttering. I walk the dawg and head to bed.

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