Fallon - Medalon

March 10, 2006

Jennifer Fallon
New York, Tor Books, 2004

This started out as a fantasy that took the traditional elements and worked some nice changes on them. We start out in a city ruled by a guild of female bureaucrats who have institutionalized state atheism, covered over the magical relics of the past, and are trying to manage a succession crisis when their old mother superior dies. So far, so good.

But from there the execution does not live up to the premise. To make it worse, about half-way through it feels like Fallon ran out of words for her plot outline, and so action on action, double-cross on double cross, decision on decision all pile together to the point where we have no good sense why anyone is acting as they do, believing the statements of the other characters, or even coming up with or accepting basically stupid plans. In fact, that is a good condemnation of the entire book: it starts out as an interesting variation on familiar themes, but dies of stupidity before the story ends.

There was a sequel. I got ten pages in before deciding that the stupid quotient had not improved, and dropped it.

There are better things to read. Skip this one.

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