Hart - The Political Pulpit

January 17, 2006

The Political Pulpit
Roderick P. Hart
The Purdue University Press
West Lafayette, Indiana

this is a rhetorical study of rhetoric, especially Presidential but including all sorts of public pronoucements.
It is focused on the "now" of 1977.

Argues that government and organized religion have joined in an unofficial "contract",

Religion provides an ultimate belief system for its adherents
government can exert coercive influence on th affairs of its citizens
both government and religion weild considerable rhetorical power
both maintain the fiction that they do not collude with one another
From this we get the contract
1, the guise of complete separation between the government and organized religion will be maintained by both parties
2, the guise of existential equality between the two will be maintained by both parties
3, government rhetoric will refrain from being overly religious and religion's rhetoric will refrain from being overly political
4, neither party will make the terms of the contract known.
civil religion, at least from the governmental perspective, is essentially rhetorical

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