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April 06, 2005

L.E. Modesitt jr.
The Recluse Series

I read, re-read in some cases, about eight of these last month. They are all remarkably the same, so similar that they blur together.

Our hero is always a crafter of some sort. He has an awareness of order and chaos, usually of order, and he is a mage who can work with order and chaos. The details of that working will vary - some can manipulate the winds, even pulling the jet streams down to earth level to create killing storms, others work with iron, or hook atoms together to make a shield, but they all have similar skills.

They are caught up in hard times, bad government, and war. They travel about, learning by overhearing. Modesitt is very good at writing the snippits of conversation that you hear as you move through a crowd, and all his heros have very good hearing.

All in all they are entertaining, they tackle questions about the nature and purpose of government, and the villains are not so simple nor are the heros so heroic as they might seem. In all of this, though, Modesitt seems to be channelling the old Texas Ranger who warns that there is nothing quite so terrifying as a man who knows he is in the right and just keeps coming. Modesitt's heros are like that mythical Texas Ranger.

After reading a few, I had a powerful urge for spicy lamb in hot brown sauce, served with noodles and sweet brown bread. So I made Vindaloo and molasses bread on successive nights, and was content.

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