Asaro - Quantum Rose

November 10, 2004

Catherine Asaro
The Quantum Rose

But it is such a GOOD formula.

Actually, I am being unfair to Asaro. Her books do not follow a plot formula, although they do follow a situation formula. But then, when you combine romance plots, high energy physics, and telepathy you don't really mind the repetitive situations.

Telepath meets telepath, they fall in love, they struggle against the bloody politics of an interstellar war, something good happens, something bad happens, the end. There is a LOT of room for variety in that, both in characters and in actions, and as a result Asaro's books all feel alike but are all distinctive and very readable.

I liked this one. I won't get into the details, other than to say that it moved along and it made me think. I was highly amused by her afterward, however, where she explains her plot and chapter titles in the quantum language of partical interaction, with free radicals disrupting bonded pairs, particles forming attractions for one another, and so on.

Smart chicks are sexy. But you knew that.

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