Zahn - Green and grey

October 13, 2004

Timothy Zahn
The Green and the Gray
New York : Tor Books, 2004.

Speaking of bad books, here is another one.

Before I ran screaming I figured out that there are two groups of aliens hiding in New York City, that the Greens have ties to trees and the Greys to stonework, that somehow a ritual killing of one Green would settle the war between the two, and that a dysfunctional New York couple have gotten into the middle of all this.

As with most bad books, this was bad because it was not compelling. The couple was dysfunctional and flawed - he was both weak and demanding, she was clumsy and helpless - and the couple was beginning to overcome their problems under the stress of the situation. But they still were not people I had any intention of spending any time with. The aliens were generic; the prose was not compelling; the situation was too contrived for my taste. It may be that they were being true to genre and I do not care for that particular genre, always a possibility, but from where I was sitting it just sucked.

So I stopped reading. This is another "could not start."

I don't know if I will read Zahn in the future, so far the only half-decent things he wrote were his first few Star Wars novels. The rest of his material has just barely been enough to get me to take it off the shelf, but this was the first that looked even interesting enough to follow me home. It was a very disappointing experience.

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