Crichton - Eaters of the Dead

October 30, 2004

Michael Crichton
Eaters of the Dead

Michael Crichton might be a very bright guy in person, but he has a real knack for writing stupid books that become popular books. His books have a peculiar kind of stupidity - the book itself acts as if it is quite clever, and so the reader is left trying to decide if the book is so smart that they can't see what is so smart about it, or if the book is meant to be a deadpan parody of a smart book. Either way, I don't much like them.

I did enjoy watching the movie The Thirteenth Warrior and so I grabbed this off the shelf of audiobooks. Bad idea.

I wish I could give a better critique, but after getting into disk 2 of 5 nothing has happened worth taking any note of. Its pointless rambling annoyed me, and I turned it off. Not recommended. In fact, I need to remember to save time and aggravation and simply say no to anything else this guy wrote.

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