Bend It Like Beckham

October 30, 2004

Bend it Like Beckham

Great movie.

I like little movies, stories about a couple of interesting characters and a moment of change or transition. No more big special effects, explosions, or the like for me - give me complete and compelling characters and I will be happy. This movie has characters in spades. Many are over the top, intentionally so, which is why it is filed as a comedy. But the best comedies are about truth, and the dilemma at the core of the movie rings true.

You know the premise - Anglo-Indian family has two daughters. One likes boys, the other likes football (soccer). The parents are overprotective, want only the best for their daughters, and can handle the girls but are nonplussed by the football. It goes from there, and it goes well.

J. almost never watches movies. She watched this one twice - once when she was taking care of the infant and again when I was watching. We thought about buying a copy - and we never buy movies. Good stuff and highly recommended.

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