Asaro - Primary Inversion

October 01, 2004

Catherine Asaro
Primary Inversion


Let me say that again.


I took a few days to write this one up because I liked it a lot and yet was having trouble figuring out what all to say about it. This is Asaro's first book in her world of the Skolian empire, I think it might be her first published novel. And it is good.

What did I like about it? She creates a plausible interstellar world. Her characters are real and complex, and each has a history and that history matters. We meet Soz as a fighter pilot on leave with her squad, and we see them moving through a neutral city trying not to cause too many waves. Slowly we learn more about her, her onboard cybernetic computer, her co-pilots, and their world.

While on leave she meets a young man from their hereditary enemies, but he does not act correctly for who he is. Things go from there, and soon we have a rollicking space-opera adventure of starfights, captures, rescues and escapes. But, we also have a wonderful drama of love, love lost, and love found again. The characters change, Soz changes a lot, and those changes all grow from inside the characters. At the end, we do indeed have a love story, and a strong one. Asaro combines an action plot, a romance plot, and hard science fiction to create a fully compelling narrative.

Luckily, she has written over a dozen books. I just hope the quality holds up.

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