September 08, 2004


A year or so ago Bravo ran a series profiling struggling young actors as they auditioned and tried to make the big time. J and I watched it - a break from Food TV - and liked one of the guys, Jeremy Renner. At the end of that series, he got a big break and was offered a 6-figure contract to do the movie S.W.A.T. We never saw it in theaters, but this weekend the movie followed me home from the library.

So, what was this movie? It was a perfectly reasonable action movie. It raised some suspense as the SWAT team hunted down the bad guy; there were the appropriate moments of impending doom; the loud bits were loud; the quiet bits were quiet; it was a genre piece and a perfectly acceptable genre piece.

One of the conventions of the genre is that a committed parent working a dangerous job will have a family tragedy. Two of the SWAT team were parents; I was nervous to see where and how the inevitable tragedy would occur; I won't tell you what it was or who it happened to.

As expected, Renner did a nice job playing the villain of the piece. Colin Farrel is a fun actor who did a nice job with an adequate script - Top Gun in a SWAT uniform, with the tough chick from Aliens II riding shotgun. I was watching late night while folding laundry, with the volume turned down to nothing, so I was reading the dialogue on subtitles more than I was listening to people delivering their lines, but it worked well enough.

For what the movie is, it did it well enough. It is not art, but it was entertainment.

I have also been reading some, but am behind on blogging my reading.

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