Led Zeppelin

September 17, 2004

Led Zeppelin
2 DVD disk of concert footage.

Historians sometimes refer to "gutting" a book - skimming the introduction and conclusion to get the gist of the argument, then reading only those chapters or sections that bear directly on your particular research problem, then discarding the rest of the book unread or barely skimmed.

I gutted this DVD - I had neither time nor ears to sit through that much concert footage. I did, however, want to see some examples of the things that Stephen Davis had described in Hammer of the Gods. So I watched Dazed and Confused to see and hear for myself what the bowed guitar sounded like in live performance; the toddler (who loves drums) and I watched Moby Dick and Bonham's drum solo; I watched the Immigrant Song from an 1972 LA performance, four guys and a LOT of noise and that was more than enough.

I was once again amazed at both the amount and the thickness of the sound that a good power trio can produce. And, I was reminded that Led Zep, like The Who and The Stones, may have had its flamboyant front men, but the core of the band's sound was the rhythm section. As a former Bass player, I like to listen to the rhythm section.

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