Ringo & Evans - Road to Damascus

August 16, 2004

John Ringo and Linda Evans
Road to Damscus

Ringo has some strengths. Writing a novel revolving around politics and elections is not one of them. I stopped reading about a third of the way through, when the villain turned out to be a politician, no the caricature of a politician, in the worst tradition of right wing science fiction.

The book reads like Ringo, so I will refer to the authors as Ringo - not sure how they divided up the writing tasks.

Ringo has an odd habit, very visible in this book, of combining libertarian and classical liberal politics emphasizing the role of the state as a machine to protect and serve individual citizens and a constant recurrence to fascist-style language evaluating the worth of those individual citizens primarily in military terms - are they fit to serve the state. It leads to an odd sort of cognitive dissonance when I read it, and while this dissonance is less visible in Ringo's more purely military novels, it undermines and cripples this political morality tale.

I did not finish it. I will not finish it. Having started this I am now less likely to read more Ringo. But see above for comments on Emerald Sea.

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