Pirates of the Caribbean - Black Pearl

August 18, 2004

Pirates of the Caribbean: Secret of the Black Pearl.

I feel silly condemning a kids movie for being juvenile. But that is how I felt about Pirates.

I liked Johnny Depp - he did a wonderful job with Captain Jack Sparrow.

My complaints about the movie are very like the complaints that people have made about the theme park ride it is based on: it promotes a trivialized view of violence; it glorifies murder and rape; it sanitizes murder and calls it good clean fun; it celebrates the (real) democratic freedom of pirate crews while ignoring the consequences of their actions and lifestyles. In short, the movie contained so much violence that if it had been shot by Tarantino or to the standards of Private Ryan it would have been rated X for gore. But it was Disney, so there were scores of murders but never any blood.

I was curious to see it. I am glad I saw it. I doubt that I will see it again.

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