Williams - The Praxis

July 19, 2004

Walter Jon Williams - Dread Empire's Fall: The Praxis
New York : Harpertorch, 2003. ISBN 038082020X

This is the first in a science-fiction trilogy by WJW.

As usual for Williams, the world is well thought out, the characters attractive but morally ambiguous (one hero murdered two people to get out of poverty and is now impersonating one of her victims - and doing far more for her society than the drunken drone she replaced would have done), and yet I don't expect to re-read the book very often. For some reason, while I really like WJW and own almost all his books, I don't re-read him more than twice. The exception is his wonderful Metropolitan and City on Fire, although there as well I know the books well enough that I do not have to re-read them, they are so powerful that they remain imprinted in memory.

The Praxis is not up to that standard, few works are. Instead it is what it appears to be: a perfectly reasonable space opera about the civil war that follows the death of the last member of the species that had welded the known universe into a single totalitarian empire where the most important rule was that things must not change. And now things are changing, not for the better.

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