Weber - Honor Harrington

July 07, 2004

I really should make 14 entries here, because I read over some 14 books last month.

All were e-books - Baen books has been putting out parts of their backlist on the web, and more of it on CD-rom on selected new hardbacks. So, I have all of Weber's Honor Harrington books sitting on my hard drive where it is easy to re-read them as long as I don't mind being at the computer.

The first few are wonderful space opera. The latest, _Crown of Slaves_ is a pretty good future political history and has one of the BEST character names of all time: an escaped slave and political scientist who renamed himself WEB du Havel.

That last book was co-written by Eric Flint, and it is sort of fun watching Flint's labor sensitivies interact with Weber's world where the Crown Loyalists are the heros while the liberals and the reactionaries are all stupid villains.

Anyhow, I made it into War of Honor and bogged down.

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