Modesitt - Adiamante

June 09, 2004

L.E. Modesitt, Adiamante

Ooh, look another Modesitt. You would think that Ted found a prolific author he likes and is working through the guy's complete catalogue. You would be right.

This is science fiction, which Modesitt is better at than he is at fantasy, but his science is sufficiently close to magic that it sometimes feels like fantasy anyhow. We have a standard Modesitt hero, grieving for his lost wife, living in a post-post-post apocalypse Earth where they have rebuilt society in stable terms by coming to new understandings of power and authority and responsibility. It is a fascinating society he imagines, and he challenges it by showing how a group of people can fight off a potential (almost certain) invasion when they have a code of ethics that not only prohibits first strikes, but also prohibits threats, demonstrations, or any use of power to coerce another before they take their own violent action.

Light, but entertaining, and some good ideas. Like most good science fiction, I finished the book, put it down, and spent some time thinking about it.

Posted by Red Ted at June 9, 2004 08:46 AM
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