Modestitt - Magic of Recluse

April 06, 2004

L.E. Modestitt jr, The Magic of Recluse

This 1991 novel made a big splash at the time, but I missed it entirely. It is yet another saga of the young magician making his way through an unfriendly world. It is better than most largely because Lerris, the same character I so enjoyed in Death of Chaos is here as a young man. Lerris is confused, honest, and more powerful than he suspects. He also talks to his pony and has the pony talk back to him. Well, lots of whinneying and chuffing but Lerris considers it conversation.

It works well, is written more clearly than some of Modestitt's other stuff. I liked it enough to move on to the second book in the world of Recluse, The Towers of Sunset which is far more obscure and confusing.

Posted by Red Ted at April 6, 2004 08:51 AM
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