Modesitt - Darksong Rising

May 26, 2004

L.E. Modesitt Darksong Rising

This is book three in his soprano sorceress cycle.

Having read a lot of this stuff lately, I finally am getting a feel for all the countries and people. It was plot driven, it was easy, it was a couple of hours distraction.

I am reminded of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series, or of the last year or so of smoking cigarettes. Towards the end of my smoking time I found that I did not particularly want another, nor did I particularly enjoy smoking it - but I couldn't not smoke it. Shortly after noticing that, I went to a doctor and told him to scare me so I would stop smoking; he did and I did. After noticing that with Cornwell I stopped reading the Sharpe book -- really it was one book with the same plot and characters, repeated 20 times; only the setting and title changed.

This bodes ill for the last two books in the Spellsong cycle.

Posted by Red Ted at May 26, 2004 10:12 PM
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