Planning the First Shopping Trip

August 18, 2007

Shopping run number 1

I am trying to limit the financial commitment. I don't want to start a project, run out of interest, and leave the house cluttered with parts and tools. Furthermore, after consulting with higher authority, the boat project is coming out of "Ted's entertainment budget" i.e. my allowance. This is a fixed percentage of my take-home salary. It covers clothing, computers, food away from home, games, and other obsessions.

So, buy parts as I need them, but in a cost-efficient manner.

For the Oracle I will need:
4 sheets of plywood
some small lumber
some 2*4s
oarlocks, nose rings, cleats, etc.
fiberglass tape
fiberglass cloth
epoxy to fill
epoxy to glue
epoxy to seal
epoxy to fiberglass the bottom

The big fiberglass order will come from Raka. But not this week - that will wait until I am about ready to tape the chines.

The plywood can be BC exterior at about $18/sheet or it can be marine plywood at $40-65/sheet. The expensive stuff is lighter. Given that this is going to be a cartop-dolly launch-luggable boat, and that I am adding flotation boxes, I am leaning toward adding some $100+ to the project cost in order to save some 20-odd pounds.

The first shopping trip is for disposable frames. I will get one sheet of bc exterior, some light wood for the borders, and a 2*4 for the stem. What plywood I don't use on frames can become general boatbuilding scrap.

I will pick up a small tin of epoxy at West Marine and some temporary screws at the big blue box.

As for hand tools. I have a general purpose Stanley saw. It works well. I am being tempted by a narrow-kerf pull saw for about $20. I will need a block plane to finish shaping the stem. That purchase can wait for another trip.

And, of course, all receipts go into a folder in case it turns out that I misread the New Jersey regulations and will have to register the boat. (As I read them, row-only boats over 12 feet long don't need registration, but if I add a mast step or a motor plate then I would have to register the boat. Once I am complete I will check with the state to be sure.)

And now to my real work.

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