Model sides roughed

August 22, 2007

Made two more rips for frames, one righty and one lefty.

Measured and cut out the sides for the model. They still need to be sanded and smoothed. The plywood was easy to cut, so I screwed two pieces together and made 4 sides. I will also double the bottom and bilges. This will give me the option of really messing something up when I assemble. Or, if all goes well, it will let me make an open and a decked model to lay next to each other and stare at.

I checked again, and Jim Michalak and many other instant boat builders use this light luaun plywood from the big box store. It appears to work well enough for boats that are dry-stored and kept 10 to 15 years.

I may boil up a chunk and re-think my decision about marine plywood.

J. reminded me that I could be dissertating instead. I am not sure about that - would I be writing or goofing off and pretending to write.

If I won't be writing, should I pull the plug and declare the academic stuff to be clutter?

Not ready to do that yet.

Which I think means I will try to find writing time around my crazy fall work schedule and my new boat obsessions.

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