Fun, but not too often

July 09, 2007

Yesterday I took the boys to go see the Camden Riversharks play minor league baseball.

It was my first minor league game. I had some fun. The boys had some fun. Younger son, 3 and change, was a bit overwhelmed by the heat, the sound, the crowds, and his lack of nap. Older son was also a little cautious. But, they had fun, and we watched some baseball in and around the other things we did.

Older son says he wants to go back after his birthday in August. The first homestand after his birthday is in early September. So we have a date. Younger brother is only coming along if J. comes too.

I won't really know he liked it until he asks when we are going back. It turns out that baseball in the abstract is compelling, but baseball in practice leaves him bored after half an inning.

For those keeping score at home:

Tickets: $30 (I could have gotten by with one ticket for me, since the boys sat on my lap all game.)
Parking: $3
My lunch: $6
Water bottle: $3
Pretzel: $2.50
3 hot dogs: $6.00
Icee: $3.00
Playground pass: $5
carousel rides: $2

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