A Requiem for Max

July 27, 2006

The hound and I go walking for our exercise. I try to walk a mile around the nearby park every morning, and sometimes we walk a mile in the afternoon as well.

On our walks, we often encounter the three retired postmen, and their dogs. Like a typical dog owner, I know the dogs names but not the owners: DJ, Max, and Sophie. DJ is a mid-sized black dog whose owner lives around the corner from me. Sophie is a little white barking dog. Max was a big sweetheart of a Rottie.

You notice that Max is in the past tense. About a week ago I noticed that the three retired postmen (that is what they call themselves) were now two. When I asked, I was told that it was a sad story.

Max's owner had left Max tied on the front porch while he went into Philadelphia. "He hates to be left inside."

When he came home, no Max.

After calling the animal centers, he was told that Max had almost certainly been stolen by the dog fighting crowd, who use stolen pets to train their fighting dogs to kill. Poor old Max almost certainly died a hard and painful death.

And so, I felt the need to write this for Max.

He was a good dog, a sweetheart. We will miss him.

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