Pink and Yellow makes Teal

May 29, 2006

Did you know that if you combine pink and yellow you get teal.

No, really.

It must be true.

Both boys insist on it.

Let me explain. The boys get 2% milk. J. and I drink skim milk, except when we sneak a little 2% into the coffee where it impersonates heavy cream. Different weights of milk come in different colored containers, to make it wasy for shoppers. And, different companies use different color schemes.

The milk we usually buy uses red for the 4%, dark blue for the 2%, light blue for the skim. So when the boys were on whole milk and they mixed it with skim, we called the result purple milk. They liked it.

A while back we had someone's green-label milk jug in the house. And when the boys asked for purple milk, J. combined blue and green and then pointed out that blue and green make teal, not purple.

So, all blended milk became teal milk.

You see where this is going - the current jugs are yellow skim milk and pink 2%. And, sure enough, today at bedtime snack the boys asked for mixed milk, and insisted that pink and yellow combined to make teal milk.

It could be worse, as I recall Richard Pryor was caught in a wicked explosion when he tried to mix whole milk and skim milk together.

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