History through a spyglass

March 29, 2006

I am reading Kevin Phillips new book, American Theocracy and am enjoying it in a critical and non-believing sort of way.

I have not gotten all that far in, and have already been struck by the myopic focus on oil. Myopic, no, targetted. Things may change once I get farther in, but so far a former Nixon official and the man who coined the term "sun belt" is telling the tale of electoral realignment between 1960 and 2005 solely in terms of oil and industry, without a single mention of race or civil rights.

That seems a bit, well, incomplete.

We will see if the rest of the book improves.

EDIT - he does talk about race as part of his discussion of religion. He asserts that only about a third of the electoral re-alignment since the 1960s has been related to race, and that the other two thirds are religious and cultural. Then he discusses the religious and cultural in great depth.

Fuller review on the reading log.

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