Project management software?

February 16, 2006

One of the way cool things about the new gig is that I will be doing some project management.

The largest project I have managed so far is my dissertation, and that has gone badly behind schedule.

I want to avoid my inherent scatterbrained nature by doing a Ben Franklin, and acting like the sort of organized person I wish I were. Because I know that I am forgetful, I have been being good about taking the yellow pad from every meeting and then typing up the notes. (Earlier today I discovered that a really cool fairly expensive piece of custom content is going to be coming out of my budget - glad to see it, hope to steal some of the bits to use elsewhere, but now I have another passle of people and tasks to keep track of and I still don't yet have company e-mail!)

So, how to keep track of all the bits, all the people, all the tasks and deadlines? The other folks at the gig tend to use a mixture of Word, Outlook, and Excel and just sort of bash something together. For the moment I have based something together in WordPerfect (chosen because I think well in WP). I think I will wait until I get my email address and my access to the vpn and then will see if I can use some combination of Outlook, Excel, and wordprocessing documents to keep track of everything. That might work, especially if I can get my home computer to talk to their central outlook server.

Otherwise, I think I want a simple task, time, assignment, deadline, status tracker that I can set up on my account out of a sql database or a set of php or perl scripts. Perhaps even some cold fusion?

I think my plan here is to
1, get company email and work on getting outlook set up properly at office (and then at home)
2, if that works, go with an outlook/excel solution
3, if that fails, then look into either creating a web-based system or somehow serving the master excel file out of my ftp directory.

And so to think. (was up late prepping for the presentation that confirmed my next 3 weeks of work and seems to have gotten me several months of project management work. am tired and stupid.)

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