Death to Ernie!

November 15, 2005

Death to Uncle Ernie!

No, not the guy from Tommy and not the guy from Sesame Street, the bearded fellow buried down in Key West.

I have a temp gig grading highschool papers - don't want to say more because there is a confidentiality agreement.

One of the things were learned during training was that high schools these days are teaching - and grammar manuals are endorsing - the use of a comma as a separator between to independent clauses.

I used to be a notorious offender on this one - early drafts of the dissertation were chock-a-block with comma splices. I now have the zeal of the reformed drunk. Seriously, a while back I was reaching for something to read to the littler man as background noise while he fell asleep (he was under a year at the time.) My hand lit on The Old Man and the Sea and I started in. I could not read it aloud. The run-on sentances that slip under your eye when reading silently become jarring body blows when you read out loud.

And now we are teaching the kids that this is the correct way to write!

But, it is a paying gig and it should help me get a little better at grading papers in my own teaching.

So, I shall stifle the urge to take a shotgun down to Key West, dig up Hemingway, and shoot his corpse just on general principles.

Mostly because I do not currently own a shotgun.

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