Musst! Musst!

October 28, 2005

I used to think that the Littler Man was pretty sharp for a 19-month-old, but last night's dinner is making me think again.

Like most American toddlers, the Littler Man likes his ketchup. We don't mind - even with the sugar and the hfcs it has some nutritional value, and it encourages him to eat the rest of his dinner. We do look a little askance at his tendency to finish dinner by reaching out with his hands, grabbing a handful of ketchup, and schlorping it into his mouth, but hey, kids will be kids. We would prefer that he eat with a spoon, but we pick our battles.

Last night we were having sausage with ketchup and mustard. Littler man saw mommy and daddy eating mustard and insisted that we put some on his plate. "Musst musst!" So, we gave him some. He dipped his sausage into it and ate them, and liked it.

He had thirds on sausage, seconds on mustard (the kid must be growing, because he is eating hugely and staying skinny.) Again, "Musst Musst!"

As we were filling in around the corners, we saw the Littler Man reach out a hand and grab the pile of mustard. "Are you sure you want to do that?" "Musst!" and he licked his fingers clean and smiled. "OK, I guess you like it."

We continued to talk, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the little hand heading for the mouth with the rest of the mustard in it - about a teaspoon full of Grey Poupon. Too late! In it went.

He smiled, at first. Then he opened his mouth in surprise and began to complain. We did our best to soothe him, including getting him to eat some bread, or sausage, or noodle to cool the hot spicy in his mouth. Finally, he diluted it with water and peace was restored to the dinner table.

Until, "Musst! Musst!" and the little hand reached out to clean the last of it from the edge of his plate.

We took it out of his reach, and began to reconsider. We had begun to think that the Littler Man was pretty sharp for a toddler, but after that performance maybe he really is dumber than a bulldog.

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