Gluttons for Punishment

October 26, 2005

I am applying both to history positions around the country and "straight" jobs around Philadelphia. I have noticed some oddities in both job searches. Academia is a small world - you never know if the idiot who just applied to your department may not, five years from now, hold the fate of your favorite graduate student in their hands. So, academic job searches tend to be polite. Even the folks who get dinged normally get a letter telling them sorry.

The other big difference is the nature of the application. Straight jobs ask for a resume and perhaps a couple of paragraphs of cover. They get a lot of these, zoom through, and hire. Academic jobs ask for a serious letter, a vita, letters of recommendation, and sometimes other materials as well. The gluttons for punishment in the title are a university whose committee requested: cover letter, vita, recommendations, teaching portfolio, and a writing sample.

I think I am going to be mailing them about 100 pages.

At least I got a new 1 paragraph dissertation precis out of the process.

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