Less depressed

September 28, 2005

I am feeling much less depressed about the job search.

For a while there I was sending resumes out into the middle of nowhere. Since then I have gotten an interview with callback, a phone interview with followup, and a couple of folks asking for my resume so they could pass it around.

And, both of the things that interviewed me seemed like interesting jobs. No details - I don't kiss and tell - but it looked like fun.

The odd part was taking a basic computing skills test. I had told the HR guy that I would do very well on the general aptitude section, do OK on the basic computing skills, and would bomb out on the SQL section. Sure enough, I got to the last two questions, looked up, and asked "can I give you the Fortran instead?" I then hacked out some psuedo-code showing how to approach the problem, and it must have been good enough because they called me back.

You don't see much Fortran in the help-wanted section anymore, although I did notice one company hiring a Cobol programmer.

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