A wierd one

August 13, 2005

I stayed up too late last night reading William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. I do not know if that was related to the very strange dream down below the fold.

Strange dream this morning.

Dragon plants, in large pots. They are a fashionable thing, but people are not sure what to do with them

Woman has idea, thinks what the heck.

Takes big knife, cuts down the leafy fronds on the dragon plant.

Digs down, finds something that looks like a belgian endive the size of her arm - almost like a uterus with the roots of a bulb.

Cuts it lengthwise, replants half in the pot. Holds the other half and looks at it.

Cut - not sure how the transition worked.

Go from third person to first person perspective.

She now has a vast and translucent dragon behind, above, and about her. The head above her frame of vision, wings in the corners of her eyes, and a strange ethereal voice in the back of her head. She can talk to the dragon - can anyone else see it? Who knows.

Some discussion between her and the dragon about their new symbiosis. I forget the details.

Turning on a bank of computer monitors, seeing some other dragon symbionts.

She asks why there are not more of them. Dragon answers that not everyone can make the connection / there are only a few true dragons. The answer may have been hiding something.

Notice a man with a dragon symbiont overlapping and expanding from his body. He is climbing. Woman and her dragon gossip about it, dragon complains that he is using that dragon up just as he uses his own body up,. Treating it like a third lung, drawing on its sustenance, not caring that he is destroying another sentient being. (Hints of the evil symbionts in the second fitzchivalry farseer trilogy.)

Later she goes and digs in the pot again. Finds the plant core. Below the plant core are two masses of strings and roots. Below those is a marble orb, about the size of two hands in a double fist. The dragon asks her not to touch it, "that is my soul." The stringy masses, they are part of me. If you were to break them I would be diminished. But I would grow back.

She replants them all in the dirt.

There is a story here, possibly having to do with the relationship between the lead character and the climbing man who uses up himself in pursuit of his goal, possibly having to do with the small number of symbiotic dragons.

I expect to have more dreams in this world. When I get a good dream, I get a good dream.

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