Writing update and SHEAR

July 22, 2005

I have fallen off my older pattern of trying to write a paragraph or so every morning as a way of getting the writing started. I think I might want to get back to that - it did speed me up (as long as I did not spend too much time looking for something to write about.)

I got a fairly tight chapter 2, started working on structure of 3 again, then went back to 2 for a prose polish. I think I may have found a way to make the second half of 2 connect with the first half - focus the introduction and transitions on a conclusion that presents James Monroe as a semi-Burkean, preserving the revolution and passing it on to later generations. If I can then tie that to the idea that there are three distinct moments in the evolution of civil religion in the 1790s, 1801-1812, and 1812-1820s then I think I can avoid the problem of having a premature conclusion during the Revolution of 1800.

In other news, the SHEAR is in Philadelphia. Many of my peers from gradual school are teaching, writing, and being good professional historians. I am one of the few to have kids. It balances out.

And so to a panel on church and state in the early republic.

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