May 13, 2005

I have not had any thoughts or ideas that I had to write down to get them out of my system. So, I have not been blogging. I have had a couple of random thoughts . . .

Grades are in. Yay!

The advisor liked chapter 1, bigger yay!

I have been working on the revised chapter two. I am fairly happy with the first 30 pages. I have been working on how to end it. My current intention is to talk about National Providence, presidential messages, and the Sabbath mails controversy of 1810-1817. Right now I am in the process of commonplacing the Providential language of Washington through Jackson. The chapter will focus on Madison, but I want some context from which to bloviate.

I have been running regularly ! Yay!
I even had my heartbeat start to drop down to the exercising levels. I won't get down to the resting heart rate of 44/minute that I had when running a lot, but at least I am regularly back under 60 beats/minute.

The running has been going better because I traced the knee pain to the point where the ITB runs across the tibia/fibula connection at the bottom of the knee. Once I realized it was ITB, I knew how to treat it - massage the thigh muscles before exercise, stretch the hips and the outside of the leg, and the knee stops hurting.

Of course, on Wednesday I then pulled my right calf. But I was able to jog today.

Ben Gay is strong stuff. I have to be careful though, as the Ben Gay tube is the same size and shape as the KY Jelly.

Speaking of the KY, the cat is doing well, despite poor prognosis. She is up to two or three enemas a week, and we ran bloodwork that shows that in the last year her kidneys have started to fail. So, we gave the cat a budget for health care and had the vet teach us how to inject saline fluid under her skin. Poor kitty, and only 16 years old.

One of J's friends gave us a copy of Baldur's Gate and its sequel and expansions. I messed with it enough to confirm that, sure enough, you can win the game with any character class so long as you pick the right part. I then re-started with Falmar O'Shea, a cheap knock off of Elric of Melnibone but with a faux-Irish accent.

I need to work on job applications. I decided to look for some high-school teaching jobs as a backup plan to the college teaching. Adjuncting does not pay - I would be better off taking a desk job. I do like to teach, so I get to take the Praxis II exam in June. Seeing as how I could teach about half of the classes on the teacher-prep college curriculum, I don't expect much trouble - although I do feel the need to brush up on my econ and my poli-sci.

I have had to stop reading the lefty political blogs. I get all filled with outrage, and I want to read more and follow up - but I am not teaching, I don't need to stay up on current events, and it eats my time and energy from writing.

Speaking of which, I hear John Quincy Adams calling me. It is a querulous sort of voice.

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Shop around for the saline for kitty. You can find it on the internet pretty cheap, some places sell it for under $5/liter, but you may need a prescription for it and under 5 cents per needle. I have had vets charge up to $30/liter for saline and 75 cents per needle. Gets expensive when you going through 2 liters a month.

Posted by: Charles B. Naumann at May 17, 2005 09:50 PM

Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted by: Ted K at May 17, 2005 11:33 PM

Now if we could just find a discount outlet for the Cisapride.....


Posted by: J at May 20, 2005 07:34 PM
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