Truth in Advertising ???

April 08, 2005

After reading the latest raft of things that Tom DeLay has done, and then reading in Sports Consecrated about the stock car being sponsored by a small company that sells diaper rash ointment, it hit me that perhaps we should combine the full disclosure principle, the truth in advertising principle, and the Nascar sponsorship principle for our politicians.

Standard attire for a male politician is a blazer or suit. Women's fashions vary, but we can work something out for them. Lets just say that all money that you, your family, your PAC, and your office receive -- including junkets paid for by the Russian military -- must be represented by appropriately sized pins or placards on the front of your jacket. So, every time you appear in public, the viewing audience can see that you are beholden for so many hundreds of thousands here, so many hundreds of thousands there.

Heck, given the reverse popularity of product placement, it probably won't be long before we see politicians vying to be the Senator from Nike, or Co'Cola.

Or not - the tracking and identity problems would be a mite overwhelming. Still, I do like the idea of combining truth in advertising, NASCAR style sponsorship, and the current crop of careerist politicans.

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