Slow updating

March 05, 2005

I update less when I am grading, and no sooner did I finish grading the papers than I had a stack of blue books. Luckily, blue books go much faster than papers, mostly because I don't scribble very much on them.

Sure enough, I assigned too much stuff for the kids. I had too many folks withdraw because the class was demanding, and while most of the folks who stick wrote me acceptable papers (low grade was a C-), many of the people who struggled on the paper made time to write that by skimping on their other work. My exams are brutal for people who did not keep up on the reading.

I also need to review my lesson plans for the 18th century and make sure that I spend more time, probably an entire class, on enlightened despots and the lovehate triangle between Fred, EmTee, and Kate. (Frederick II, king of Prussia; Maria-Theresa, Empress of Austria; Catherine, Tsarina of Russia, and her hapless husband Peter the stupid then dead.)

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