Good relationship points

February 15, 2005

The boys and I scored good husband points on Valentine's Day

I was doing daddy day care on Monday. Around 10:00 we bundled into the car to run errands. Our first stop was the corner florist, where I got a dozen roses and the one-year-old, whose birthday is February 13, got a single rose.

From there we went to J's office. The toddler squawked as we were talking to the receptionist, and heads poked out of doors all along the front hallway to see what a crying child was doing in an engineering firm. Folks were rewarded by the sight of a toddler carefully carrying a plastic case with a single rose, and dad lugging the one-year-old (dressed all in red) and another dozen roses wrapped in paper.

It worked - we surprised J and made her happy.

It also worked - J. got serious husband-envy points from her co-workers.

And, we had fun doing it.

Next year the littler man will be two years old for Valentines day, and will have to give her two roses.

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