River Road Sauce

December 12, 2004

We call it River Road Sauce because we got the original recipe out of the River Road Cookbook. I forget what that book called it - bachelor's gravy or something like that. This is a VERY quick and easy sauce that we like to serve on steamed brocolli. Measurements are approximate.

Olive oil
hot pepper
dijon mustard (Grey Poupon brown works well, but use what you have)
worcestershire sauce
red or balsamic vinegar

If you are using a real hot pepper, say a dried Thai Dragon, then de-seed and mince the pepper. (Rip the head off, roll the pepper between your fingers, open side down, to remove most of the seeds. Cut open and remove the rest. Chop with a sharp knife.)
Otherwise, just grab the jar of cayenne or hot pepper flakes.

Pour a long tablespoon of olive oil into a non-stick pan. Add the hot pepper if you are using minced pepper or pepper flakes. (If you are using ground cayenne or the like, wait to add it until after the mustard goes in.)
Turn on the heat and heat until the peppers begin to sizzle.
Add a generous dollop of wet mustard. (as much as you can get on a teaspoon.)
Saute the mustard and hot pepper in the oil for a minute or so until the mustard turns a darker shade of yellow brown and begins to separate. It should look horrible - horrible is just right.
Add a dash of Worchestershire sauce - size of dash to vary by taste.
turn down the heat
Add a splash of vinegar, stir until it makes a smooth brown slime.
If it remains separated, either add more vinegar or decide that it is "ugly food" where the worse it looks the better it tastes.
We normally plate it in a side bowl so that we can dip veggies in it without getting hot pepper into the infant's portion. You can also spoon it over a bowl of vegetables for a more elegant presentation.

Quick, easy, and even the toddler likes it.

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