Proposed Constitutional Amendment

November 10, 2004

Several people in the lefty blogosphere have been discussing the possibility of creating a new Democratic wedge issue, a popular but unpassable proposal that would put the Republican party on the defensive. Some of these - like having the coastal states cut off their subsidization of the interior states - are not good policy proposals (much of that subsidy is military spending, for example, which NEEDS empty land.) Others, like a proposal to amend the Constitution to end gerrymandering, or to adjust the electoral college, have some potential.

This is an early draft, and ALL my early drafts are murky and unclear. Still it is a start.

I will probably write it up and mail it to my congresscritter later this week - although as he is in a VERY safe district he has no personal need for this sort of a reform.

Whereas the Constitution of the United States guarantees that all states shall be governed under a republican form of government and
whereas the current system of designing electoral districts had produced a nation without competitive elections, real choice, or practical republican governments
Therefore, The United States Constitution shall be modified to add:

All electoral districts shall be drawn up by a non-partisan commission according to the following criteria, in order of importance, viz.
Districts for the House of Representatives shall only be drawn up once per decennial census
Districts for State offices shall only be drawn up following the decennial census or a comprehensive state census, and only once per census period.
Districts shall have the same number of residents, within the limits of error of the census.
Districts shall be competitive between the major parties in that region
Districts shall be as compact as possible
District borders shall be drawn along existing geographic and political borders as much as possible: viz. rivers and streams, ridges and divides, subordinate political boundaries such as county or town borders, or major highways if no other natural or political landmark is available.
Where possible communities and neighborhoods shall not be divided between districts.

This amendment shall apply to all districts drawn for the purpose of electing members of the United States Congress, State Legislatures, and cities and towns with civil officers elected from geographic wards.

In addition, electors for President will be chosen by districts within each state, with presidential electoral districts to be drawn by the same criteria as any other electoral district.

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