Frodo Failed!

November 03, 2004

Frodo Failed.

Bush has the ring.

Posted by Red Ted at November 3, 2004 11:28 AM | TrackBack

This was not the LoTR election, it was the Aliens vs. Predator Election: Whoever Wins, America Loses.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos." -- H. Simpson

Posted by: DFH at November 3, 2004 12:21 PM

You, sir, are flat wrong.

Kerry, despite making some bad campaign choices, would have been a darn good President. Bush and his appointees are, collectively, a walking disaster.

Being blindly cynical is no longer cool. It is just tedious.

Sorry for the rant, but there you have it.

Posted by: Ted K at November 4, 2004 08:58 AM

First off, it seems your Preview button destroys posts. :-P

I am not blindly cynical. Kerry was a political whore who would say the sun rose in the west if he thought it would get him votes. I realise they're all BS artists but I at least want one who isn't quite so transparent. I have no idea at all what Kerry was really about, or what power blocks he was really aligned with. Bush is a jackass but he's a known quantity.

I'm sure the Democrats could have found someone worth voting for, but ever since Clinton got in (and stayed in after doing things that would have gotten either of us jailed), both parties seem to have decided that they can run whatever extreme whacko they want. If the Democrats had picked someone -- ANYONE -- anywhere near the center they could have stomped Bush flat. Instead they chose a lunatic-fringe liberal who changes state more often than your Pentium's internal registers. It seems to me as an amateur that if the opposition has gone to extremes, now is the time to adopt a centrist position. Grab the folks in the middle and as much of the opposition that isn't happy with their own extremists. Build on that support later once you have it. If you go to extremes yourself you just force everyone who isn't an extremist into a Hobson's Choice, and you really have no idea what they're going to do. I guess I'm not as smart as guys who managed to give a president who had to go to court to get elected last time the first popular vote victory in 12 years, though.

Somehow, both parties have concluded that their extremism is a strength and the opposition's a weakness. I guess being a politician helps develop that part of the brain required to believe transparent contradictions. The way things are going, though, I'm going to end up having to vote for Cheney in four years, and that's really going to suck. Bush is an idiot, but Cheney is a snake.

This election was the Democrats' to lose, and they sure lost it.

Posted by: DFH at November 4, 2004 10:30 PM

Kerry is the conservative Senator from Massachusetts, slightly left of center for Democratic Senators - don't believe, well, ANYTHING, you hear a Republican say during campaign season as most of it will be a lie.

His record in the Senate shows a man who:
1, conducted serious investigations including being one of the early pushes for Iran-Contra. You remember Iran Contra - it was Watergate only the coverup worked.
2, conducted serious investigations that shut down the BCCI. You remember BCCI - it was the money-laundering international bank that was funneling money to international terrorists.
3, Led the Democratic side of the bipartisan effort to reduce the budget deficit, rebalance the budget, and achieve fiscal sanity. You remember bipartisan - that is when people from BOTH parties help write the laws, sit on conference committees, and run the country. You remember a balanced Budget - Clinton had one, Bush is borrow and spend, Borrow and spend, and may well have destroyed the dollar and, although I hope not, the bond market while doing so.
4, Voted regularly against increased cold war military technology and for veterans' benefits. You remember the cold war draw down? Cheyney did, he led it. Of course that did not stop the Republicans for calling Kerry soft on defense for voting for proposals put forward by Richard Cheyney the Republican Secretary of Defense.
5, Led the movement to regularize relations with the People's Republic of Vietnam. He chased down the residual POW/MIA concerns, convinced people that the wingnuts were wrong, and restored normal relations to Vietnam, a country that is now an important part of the Nike-Coke-American world empire.

Kerry has a long and a solid record. He ran a mediocre campaign, and I think he was MUCH too nice to Dubya.

I am sorry but saying that you prefer a known quantity means that you prefer:
torture as official U.S. policy
denial of the rule of law as official U.S. policy
mismanaged government
mismanaged proxy states
a complete absense of accountability
restructuring government for one-party rule
regular and frequent gerrymandering
the substitution of wedge issues for policy proposals
lies and more lies
oh, and some coverups.

Frodo failed.
Bush has the ring.

Posted by: Ted K at November 9, 2004 10:15 AM

I am sorry, but as a Manhattan liberal and Gore voter from 2000, I voted for Bush this time around because Kerry really was a political whore who was widely known to be hated by veterans for his 1971 anti-war activities that obviously prolonged a war that the far left really wanted America to lose. Kerry would have left Saddam in power with the sanctions and our all of our allies breaking those sanctions and laughing at us. There would have been a worse loss of prestige of the USA under a Gore or Kerry at this point in time.

Bush is Frodo. The "ring" is now nuclear weapons that Sauron (Osama, Saddam, Zarqawi) want to possess as "My precious." The American soldiers are the good guys from Lord of the Rings. Ted seems to be saying that US Marines are the Orks. Time to reread Tolkien (who was a conservative Christian by the way).

Posted by: Jennifer Peterson at November 23, 2004 09:41 AM


I agree that the metaphor breaks down if we map Bush onto either Sauron or Saruman.

But, he makes a fine Boromir - fighting the right enemy in the wrong way with the wrong weapons.

Posted by: Ted K at November 23, 2004 03:58 PM
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