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November 01, 2004

Philocrites links to a recent study of divorce rates and social justice in Texas and Massachusetts. I won't give the full summary, but will just point out that Divorce rates are lower in Massachusetts, education levels are higher, and social justice is a stronger compontent of public life. As he says, whats so wrong about being a liberal anyway?

Rant below the fold.

I would add that, just as hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue, so too is the tendency of Republican voters to assume that their candidate holds more "liberal" views than they really do, and the Republican need to cast their policies in "liberal" terms, a tribute to the enduring legacy and power of social justice and environmental awareness in this country.

If you want to put it in religious terms, God made Adam steward over the earth, not master of the earth; Jesus told us all to love others as we love ourselves, to shed ourselves of riches not to give tax breaks to them; neither would approve of most of the policies but forward by BushCo. Even on the big moral question, I ask whether it is more important to condemn abortions or to reduce them? The first is the Finneyite or abolitionist position - morality consists of making an immediate and public repudiation of the immoral. The latter is a social justice approach - morality consists of getting rid of the immoral. The two can, and do, coincide, but we weight them very differently. Endrant.

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I am home sick and am surfing info on U-Us and per capita income. I grew up U-U and live in a what some call a purple state- unpredictable Montana. The info in your article was very interesting. I am not being mean but I kind of hope we do not get another Massachusetts Democrat to run for president in 2008. It sounds like you all have a fine state. Still, sometimes it feels a bit as if Puritan pride comes through just a tad. I hope that did not sound mean.
I know you all have a lot of wealth from the bio-tech industry but I thought the defense technology industry was part of your economy too. I could be wrong but I thought Route 128 had a bunch of companies helped out by defense contractors.
I also read that U-Us have the highest per capita income of any American denomination and the lowest per capita level of giving. One Internet site (I think it was a U-U sermon) notes that U-Us give less not just to their churches but to charitable causes in general, less than 2% of their income.
I grew up U-U and joke that I am a fallen away Unitarian . I hope I do not sound mean. Massachusetts, I am sure, is a very fine state. I know that I could not afford a house there, though. I am not sure those people you mention in red states could afford to go to college there either. I am glad you all are doing well . Still, it seems as if we are all part of the same country- wealthy or poor. I like Jon Stewart because he keeps seeming to be saying that.
I am glad you all are there in Massachusetts. We need all the Democrats we can get! I thought your gay marriage bills were great!!! I kind of wished you all had waited until just after the 2004 election to do that but I am glad you established that basic right. I just kind of wish you all had waited a few months but maybe there was a reason why you all acted at the moment you did.
Unfortunately, it did give Bushites something else to sway people's minds with away from jobs and war and towns with no money for enough police or basic services. I loved looking at the happy couples, though, and maybe there was a reason that the bill giving people equal rights had to go through when it did. I do not know.
I am back to work tomorrow so I won't be pestering anyone on the computer until my next sick day, probably this winter when I start sniffling or whatever. Knock on wood.

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