Done Shopping

November 27, 2004

Well, the littler man chubster and I went shopping today, and we finished our holiday shopping. We have all our gifts for everyone but me, and mine will be some sort of a combined Christmas, Channukah, birthday, multi-person splurge to be named later. (I am betting on a sort of cold frame for my early seedlings.) J is getting voice lessons - her current hobby is a choir.

Not that Chubster and I did a lot of shopping - $20 in books for the boys and my niece and nephew, $8 in some toys to fill in the gaps in the toys we are digging out of storage and wrapping up pretty for our boys, and we were done. The rest of the family will be getting jam and hot peppers - money we spent back during the canning and gardening season.

Monday we get to mail out the jam.

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