Thomas Jefferson

October 19, 2004

I like to give the kids provocative statements to write homework on. This week they have 200 words to respond to the following:

Thomas Jefferson: Slimy hypocrite or impassioned voice for liberty?
They previously read Jefferson's "Summary View of the Rights of British America" and the Declaration (final version, not TJ's draft).

For today they are reading: "Chapter 18 - Manners" from Notes on the State of Virginia (Slavery is bad because it makes slave holders into tyrants), "Head and Heart" PDF (breakup letter to Maria Cosway), "The Earth Belongs to the Living" (Jefferson against Burke's idea of an intergenerational contract), "The Reign of Witches" (Jefferson explaining why Federalist rule is unnatural and will fade away, so lets not split the union over it.), and "Fire Bell in the Night" (The "Wolf by the Ears" letter about Slavery and the Missouri Crisis.)

I have already gotten some early homework by email, and it looks like this assignment got them thinking about Jefferson, liberty, and slavery. It should be an interesting discussion.

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