Political Ads

October 22, 2004

I followed links to these organizations recently and was struck by their political ads.

Marriage Rights has been running these ads on MTV and other spots where young adults might see them. They take aim at something that most teens and 20-somethings approve of, most old fogeys dislike, and use them to encourage folks to get out and vote.

My favorite was "Threats," which shows a couple opening the door of their house to see various threats to their marriage - the horny UPS guy for her, the sexy co-worker for him, and so on.

Josh Marshall just gave approval to the political ads at Win Back Respect an anti-Bush organization focusing on convincing Republicans that Bush was a bad idea. Marshall liked their most recent ad, which compares Bush's stupid schtick about looking for WMD in the corners of the Oval Office with an interview with a woman whose brother was killed in Iraq while looking for those WMD.

The site has put together several ads over the election cycle - my favorite was the one with relatives of the troops in Iraq commenting on Bush's "its hard." They were disgusted by his little grin. The site comes back to a couple of themes - Bush does not take world problems seriously; he lacks good judgement; and real people are hurt because of his callowness.

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