September 13, 2004

I am teaching at two institutions this semester. I have taught at both before, but this will be the first time teaching the same class at both places.

I taught at Urban Research University before I taught at Suburban State, and one of my first questions to the department chair at SSU was how the students at the two colleges compared, so that I could adjust my expectations. He assured me that they were about comparable. In previous semesters I generally agreed - students at the two schools were close enough that I felt comfortable using the same set of expectations when grading both.

After grading the first homework - Was the Columbian Exchange a Good thing or a Bad thing? - I have to say that URU students did a better job.

Of course, more of them are upperclassmen, and my URU class is at mid-day - when the good students show up - while the SSU class is at dinnertime - a slacker moment, so this is a comparison of students in two very similar classes and not a comparison across the board.

Still, URU is an upwardly mobile institution, and I continue to be impressed by the students.

URU won the first homework; lets see what happens over the rest of the semester.

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