September 07, 2004

No blogging for the last few days because we were in Minneapolis for J's brother's wedding. A good time was had by all, but travel took a full day out and a full day back - flying with toddler and infant is a big hassle.

I had a couple of random thoughts about the Midwest in general and Minnesota in particular.

I like Walleye. It is a wonderfully textured fish. This is good because we were eating a lot of restaurant food and the Walleye was usually the least heart-unhealthy thing on the menu.

Minneapolis is a very clean city - a big contrast to Filthydelphia - although we were mostly in the hotel district near the convention center.

Folks were very friendly; while folks in the Northeast are nicer than our reputation, I found Minnesotans much more interested in sitting down and chatting with strangers. That made the trip fun.

My brother in law is not good at writing directions. Or detail work. Or pre-planning. Then again, he and his wife put this together quickly and from a long distance. J and I lost a lot of time planning our wedding. But, it all worked out and we had a nice little ceremony in an outside sculpture garden, followed by brunch at a nice restaurant.

The Minnesota state fair is BIG. It is also a lot of fun. We forgot to go on rides - I had wanted to take toddler on the merry-go-round - but we did get to go through the livestock barns. Toddler liked that a lot. He really liked the goats, but then one stood up on its stall gate and nibbled on his shirt sleeve and upper harm. He did not like that at all. We have been reading a lot of kids books about farm animals, and I am glad that he had a chance to see the things that the pictures were all about.

I did not find the stall with deep fried pickles on a stick. We did find just about everything else in the world being deep fried, served on a stick, or deep fried and then served on a stick.

I have now read Go Dog Go enough times for this week. I intend to hide it for a few days. Also Margaret Wise Brown's Big Red Barn and his book about Trucks. Unlike most of the other folks travelling with toddlers, we did not bring a portable DVD or beeping games. Instead we read books. Again and again. "Dog." "Big dog." "Little dog." "Big dogs and little dogs." "Black and white dogs." "One little dog going in." "Three big dogs going out." . . .

I need to remember that I only read about 100 pages of fiction, 50 pages of light history, on a three hour plane ride with a toddler. I packed far too many books for myself.

It was a good trip, and I am very tired.

And so to finish class prep.

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