Syllabus fun

August 09, 2004

Well, the weather turned crisp, which means that it is time to update the syllabus for next semester.

After last time I have made a few changes:

  • dropped the monograph
  • moved the course packet from paper coursebook to electronic reserve
  • edited the course packet - still doing this
  • dropped the paper that was due on the monograph, which means re-arranging the colonial era to better fit what we will be doing.
  • changed the paper topic on Uncle Tom's Cabin so that they can write what they want so long as they include at least two of the items from the class reserves. This should reduce plagarism to cut-and-paste subsections of the paper, and that is fairly easy to spot.
  • promised a bonus on the class grade to anyone who will have shown me proof that they voted in November.
  • decided to abridge some of the longer primary documents
  • decided to add documents on the Salem Witch Trials
  • made some minor changes in what to read each week.
  • arranged to host a mirror of the page on my homepage
  • decided to use a few mp3s on the web page and perhaps as in-class music.

I still have to re-read the text, double check the documents, pick the rest of the music, and do the abridgments. But much of that is donkey work.

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