Reading Lists

August 03, 2004

The real danger with reading blogs is that folks refer to books and movies that intrigue me, and then they go onto my reading lists. The reading list grows much faster than I actually read, and the more I look at a blog here and there between writing paragraphs, the more the reading backlog grows.

For example, Stephen Carter points out the Old and New U.S. Army reading lists and I see that I have only read a couple of the things on there: Once an Eagle, The Face of Battle, The Killer Angels, The U.S. Constitution, Ulysses Grant's Memoirs. There are a lot of other good entries.

Meanwhile, in cinema, Sheila O'Malley is having a wonderful game where she gives famous movie lines and her readers guess the movie and character. I get a lot of my movie suggestions from her raves, and now I have several more things on my "Watch this" list.

When I add the science fiction discussions on Volokh, the policy tomes on Drezner and DeLong, and the political commentary on Marshall, Drum, and Yglesias, well, the shelves get mighty heavy mighty quickly.

Still, at least I don't have to complain about not having anything to read.

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