Phil Folk

August 30, 2004

Saturday the four of us day-tripped to the Philadelphia Folk Festival. It was good fun. We drove at off-peak, and it was only an hour and change away when we had expected to spend two hours or more, although if we had stayed until the end of the concert the traffic jam would almost certainly have added an hour to the drive home.

Anyhow, we had fun. We sat in the shade on a very hot day and listened to a lot of live music, including several bands we had never heard of before and found that we liked a lot. That is the cool part about a festival, especially an eclectic festival like Phil Folk, you hear new things in a genre that you know you like.

I was pleased to discover:
DaVinci's Notebook
and was intrigued by
Uncle Earl

J reminder herself how much she likes
Cherish the Ladies
and also decided that she liked
erm, I forget and will edit this when she reminds me, and
Uncle Earl

The boys just had fun with the sounds, the people, and being out doors. The infant thought about over-heating, but we sponged him off and he was fine.

The toddler proved once again that he is bulldog smart. (Actually he is smarter than a bulldog, but work with me here.) You know bulldog smart? "Bulldogs have a reputation for being dumb dogs, but mine knows exactly which drawer holds his dog treats. How much smarter do you need to be?" I hit the snack food stands and got a burger for me and an ice cream sandwhich for him. The ice cream was a BIG hit. About 20 minutes later he decided it was time for another walk, grabbed J by the hand, walked her to the correct food stand, and looked hopefully up at her. She decided he had eaten enough ice cream for the day, and instead let him work off excess energy by running laps around her for the next half hour or so.

It was a good day. The Sunday concert lineup was more to our taste, but Saturday works for our schedules. Scedules permitting, we will be back next year, probably for another day trip.

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Ahhhh - that sounds a lot like our Folklife Festival. I love those types of things. I'm glad The Fam had a good time. :)

Posted by: KJ at August 30, 2004 10:52 AM
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