Olympic Miscellany

August 14, 2004

J and I have been watching the Olympics off and on.

I am interested in watching weightlifting and track and field - both sports I once did. J watches womens sports, all of them, and men's gymnastics and diving and such. J sez that swimmers make better eye candy than gymnasts - "some of the swimmers are a little soft, but most gymnasts look like mutants."

We had great fun watching the parade of nations on Friday. Of course, we did not take notes, and now I don't really remember who wore what, who we thought were spiffy, or any of it. (Other than that the Irish looked goofy with the striped jackets and green visors).

One of the big questions is who do you root for when there is no American in the final? I find myself rooting for the Iraqis (obviously), also for Turkey, Holland, and Russia. I find myself rooting against China and Bulgaria, just on general principles. J, on the other hand, roots against the Russians and Germans. She knows this is emotional echos of Jewish politics, "but there you have it."

Finally, I am a little cranky about the TV scheduling. There are a few things I would like to see. Today, for example, there was an absolutely marvelous performance in the women's 48kg weightlifting. The winner, a 104 lb woman, and the second place finisher, also 104 lbs, both lifted 209 lbs overhead in a single motion. (The gold medal lift 4 years ago had been in the 170s, 15% improvement in 4 years is a LOT!) The Turk won, the favored Chinese woman came in second. NBC did not show it, not on any of their goofy channels, after indicating that two or three different time blocks would contain the 48kg finals.

I just hope that I can chase up a webcast of the crucial lifts, just like I watched the Democratic Convention on webcasts after the fact.

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