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July 23, 2004

The discussion on gun control below got me thinking a random thought the other day. If I were to take some money and buy guns and a gun cabinet, what would I get and what order would I get it in?

As a practical matter, while it is fun to punch holes in paper targets, there are other things that I find more fun, and so I do not expect to do anything with guns until the kids are old enough to take the NRA's gun safety classes (one of the things that organization does that I approve of.)

So, what would I get?

0, A good gun cabinet.

1, Brown Bess Musket, firing black powder replica. Why? Well if you are going to get an "assault rifle," get the 18th century version. I have thought about getting a non-firing replica to use to play show and tell in class, and I would rather like to have the real thing even if I only fired it a couple of times a year.

2, Sprinfield 1903 rifle. Again, there is something to be said for the classics, and the big Mauser bolt-action rifles are classics. The problem with this is that I am too cheap to pay for the ammunition, or at least for enough ammunition to figure out how to use it well.

3, A good cheap plinking rifle. Kim Du Toit likes the M1 Carbine, I have shot 22 caliber bolt action rifles in the past - something cheap to shoot.

4, A general purpose shotgun, something I could use for either skeet or deer. I do not know much about shotguns, but given my height and small hands would probably look at some of the "ladies" models.

I have no particular desire for a handgun, nor do I have the hands and wrists for one.

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Unh un. Your "general purpose" shotgun will do neither of the things you claim to want to do. You need separate equipment for each activity, they are different loads and require different barrels.

Posted by: Melanie at July 24, 2004 07:50 PM

Heh, oops.

Most of my shooting experience is with .22 bolt action rifles, while most of my gun history involves 19th-century weaponry.

I am not sure which I am more likely to pick up, guns or golf, but they take comparable amounts of time and money, and I would rather go running and then read a book.

Posted by: Ted K at July 28, 2004 10:43 AM
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