July 07, 2004

The last time I updated Quicktime Apple convinced me to download iTunes as well.

A few days ago I fired it up and started messing with it.

I like it a LOT more than Windows Media Player.

My only complaint is that it does not read Windows Media Player files. So, I had to convert my WMP library into iTunes - luckily I had burned my cds at 100% the first time so I had good sources to copy over. Still, it took some 24 hours of hard processing to convert a couple of thousand songs.

Since then I have been copying more of my CDs onto the computer - I do like having my music handy and mixable. So far I have some 3439 songs, and I still have a good hundred cds not yet scanned.

The scary thing is, I think I have a small music collection and we have not been buying much music for a couple of years now. I have almost NO idea who is hot right now, or why. And yet I have days of music on my computer.

I do like the random playlist feature - 25 random songs from my collection listed below the fold.

I Remember When I Was Young -- Kukuruza
So. Central Rain -- R.E.M.
She's Your Cocaine -- Tori Amos
Finale -- Cabaret [Original Soundtrack]
Shady Grove -- Bill Monroe
Blood Red Roses -- Oysterband
Star Wars [1977] -- John Williams/Skywalker Symphony Orchestra
Don't Sit Under the -- Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) -- Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
Miner's Wives -- The Battlefield Band
Cold Gray Light of Dawn -- Blue Öyster Cult
La pointe du jour / La marche des freres Gagnon -- Jeter Le Pont
Poco sostenuto - vivace -- Beethoven
Lovely Joan -- Boiled In Lead
Tommy's Holiday Camp -- The Who
Bennie and the Jets -- Elton John
The Galtee Set -- Boiled In Lead
I Got A Good 'Un -- John Lee Hooker
Hipbone -- Rare Air
Feed My Frankenstein -- Alice Cooper
Now It's My Turn -- Berlin
That Was Your Mother -- Paul Simon
Infinite and Unforeseen -- k.d. lang
Fallen Angel -- Blue Öyster Cult
Old Virginia [Live]-- Cordelia's Dad
Summertime -- Janis Joplin
Hopalong Peter -- Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Posted by Red Ted at July 7, 2004 10:54 PM | TrackBack

My library is about 1500 tracks at the moment. I'm in the process of weeding out ones I don't listen to any more, and doing some editing with GoldWave (volume levels, etc.)

A listing can be found here...for informational purposes only, of course, since File Sharing Is Bad.

I can't use iTunes. It doesn't support WinME, and I still haven't upgraded. I suppose I'll have to roll the rock from in front of the cave and get XP though, since more and more software doesn't support 98/ME. I just don't like its intrusiveness.

BTW, your Preview button is eating all text.

Posted by: DFH at July 8, 2004 02:07 AM

"here" would be seems you're not accepting HTML, either.

Posted by: DFH at July 8, 2004 02:08 AM

I love my iPod at about one thousand miles per hour, but it makes me so angry when I have to update it! It's such a hassle!

Posted by: Helen at July 8, 2004 08:07 AM

Not accepting html, but I told it to auto-link URLs when listed. I think your second attempt had a trailing period.

You and I have very little overlap in our music - mostly pop-rock stuff.

I love looking through other people's music collections; it gives a window into their personality.

Posted by: Ted K at July 8, 2004 09:13 AM

It did, didn't realise it would auto-link.

Dunno if my collection is "mostly"'s everything from Mozart to Weird Al. :-)

Posted by: DFH at July 8, 2004 02:01 PM
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